Clinical Training Center

The CTS Counseling Center is a clinical training center.

That means our counseling services are provided by interns in our masters level training program as well as post-graduate residents who are fulfilling their state license requirements. Both are under the supervision of experienced and licensed mental health clinicians.

As a counseling training center, we offer many advantages:

Our counseling is offered on a sliding fee scale that is based on household income. This helps remove the cost barrier for many in seeking professional counseling.

Supervised care

All therapists are supervised by a licensed therapist, which ensures your treatment includes the guidance and recommendations of multiple mental health professionals—all focused on your mental wellness.

Personalized treatment plan

Our interns and residents are at the forefront of the latest treatment approaches, giving them the flexibility to tailor treatments to your needs.

If you need medication or your needs are beyond the scope of what the CTS Counseling Center offers, we’ll provide referrals to other community programs that offer more comprehensive services.

CTS Counseling Center – Resident Therapists

CTS counselors are dedicated to providing you with the mental, emotional and spiritual help you need. As part of CTS, your counselor is enrolled in one of the seminary’s nationally recognized degree programs. Our masters level interns and post-graduate residents are all supervised by a team of well-qualified, licensed behavioral and mental health professionals.

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  • Residency Supervisors
  • Resident Therapists
Jacqueline Braeger
PhD, LMFT, Director of Post-Graduate Residency Program, Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy
Lee B. Ivey III
Sheronda Lucas
Area of focus:
Depression, generalized anxiety, grief, PTSD, personality disorders, coping skills and spiritual/existential work
Sarah Mishler
Area of focus:
Women’s issues, anxiety, depression, existential issues/exploration, psychodynamic depth
Hazel Owens
Area of focus:
Pre-marital/marriage/couples counseling, childhood trauma/wounds, depression/anxiety, faith/spirituality concerns/hurts, racial identity/racial trauma
Barbara Weatherspoon
Barbara Weatherspoon
Area of focus:
Marriage and family therapy, relationship issues, life transitions, self-esteem, stress, trauma and PTSD, grief and loss
Rachel R. Wright
Area of focus:
Psychodynamic processing, wholeness, emotional regulation, depression, adolescent/child development