Lifelong Learning

Are you a Lifelong Learner who wants to explore and expand your faith experience? Do you enjoy lectures, workshops, courses and other events that bring together diverse theological voices? AT CTS, Lifelong Learners engage in spiritual development, ethics discussions, examinations of global and local issues, and much more. Lifelong Learners are considered to be people not currently interested in pursuing a full academic degree, so the cost per class credit hour is greatly reduced.

Lifelong Learners can take almost any class CTS offers, but some CTS classes are especially designed for members of the public to participate. To register please contact the Registrar.

If you are interested in other CTS classes (click here for the current class lineup), contact the Registrar.CTS Lifelong Learners fall into one of three categories:
  • Lifelong Learner, non-degree, not for credit. These students pay $178 per credit hour but do not earn credits for their class time. They register for classes through the CTS Registrar, and must be approved by the Dean of Faculty to participate in the class. (If not approved, the student will receive a full refund.)
  • Lifelong Learner, non-degree, for credit. These students pay half-price tuition of $355 per credit hour, must be approved to participate by the Dean of Faculty, and register through the CTS Registrar. They can earn credit for completing the class, but they are not a CTS degree student.
  • Certification students. These students complete 18 credit hours to earn a Certification diploma, pay half-price tuition of $355 per credit hour and must be approved to participate by the Dean of Faculty. They start the process by contacting the CTS Admissions Office, and register through the CTS Registrar. Click here for more information about earning a Certification diploma.

CTS also offers an annual Licensed and Commissioned Ministers Summer School for Disciples of Christ (Christian Church) Commissioned ministers and United Church of Christ Licensed ministers. For information, contact Sarah Evans, sevans@cts.edu or 317-931-2303.