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Academic Programs

CTS is a school devoted to both academic rigor and open dialogue. Our heritage – rooted in the ecumenical openness of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) – inspires us to seek truth wherever it may be found, creating a diverse conversation driven by the best in modern theological scholarship. Our Master’s degree programs and Doctoral programs prepare candidates to bring visionary social justice, engaged spirituality, courageous leadership, and compassionate counseling to the next generation of Christian community.

You’ll find an academic environment at CTS that’s both contemplative and invigorating, with superb library resources to help guide your research and reflection.  You’ll also discover one of the most talented, diverse, and accessible faculties in the country, and a community of classmates who are likewise committed to the shared mission of learning from one another.

In addition to rigorous academic training, CTS students receive practical preparation for the real life challenges ahead: from congregational and community leadership to counseling skills for mental health care.

CTS also welcomes lifelong learners and people who want to earn certificates without pursuing a full academic degree.

Bill Kincaid, classroom, Academics