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Encounter: A Journal of Theological Scholarship

Encounter: A Journal of Theological Scholarship

Christian Theological Seminary has published Encounter: A Journal of Theological Scholarship continuously since 1940. In each of three annual issues, the journal offers scholarly articles, sermons, and reviews of recently published monographs.

Encounter is a peer-reviewed journal to ensure that its contents meet the highest standards of scholarship and relevance. In particular, the journal publishes works in biblical studies, the history of Christianity, theology, and the arts of ministry, including counseling.

Beginning with Volume 83 (2023), Encounter ceased print publication and transitioned to open access. Because of a specially negotiated contract, the journal continues to be indexed in ATLA Religion Database, and to be available full-text in ATLA Serials.


the Future of Theological Education

Six conversations with leading thinkers about the impact of theological education on the church and the world.


Rev. Dr. David M. Mellott began his tenure as Christian Theological Seminary’s seventh president in July, 2019. He previously served as Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dean, and Professor of Theological Formation at Lancaster Theological Seminary in Lancaster, PA. An ordained minister with the United Church of Christ, Mellott also serves CTS as Professor of Theological Formation.

Rev. Dr. Deborah F. Mullen served Columbia Theological Seminary until her retirement in 2018 as Executive Vice President, Dean of Faculty, and Associate Professor of American Christianity and Black Church Studies. Mullen is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) with considerable leadership experience in both the church and the academy.


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