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At CTS, we want our students to have a positive experience as they examine their faith and further their studies.

One of the ways we do that is by ensuring it’s simple to access important information, connecting you to key online resources whenever needed.

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Get Involved with Student Organizations

One of the best ways to grow in the CTS community is to get involved in our student organizations.

Student Association

  • Provides an opportunity for all students to have a voice in the seminary’s life, as well as gaining vital leadership and community experience
  • Represents all students and actively advances their best interests spiritually, intellectually, physically, professionally and socially
  • Promotes joint cooperation between students, alumni, faculty, staff and administration
  • Creates an efficient and sustainable organizational structure to ensure the ongoing fulfillment of these purposes from year to year and class to class
2021-2022 Officers
  • President: Laura Marine
  • Vice President: Elizabeth Valencia-Gutierrez
  • Communications: Currently open
  • Treasurer: Martin Perdue
  • MDiv Rep: Currently open
  • MDiv Rep: Zach LeCrone
  • MACMHC Rep: Ewa Barnaby
  • MAMFT Rep: Dawn Jones

Photo: 2019 Student Association

Green Seminary Initiative

As a member of the Green Seminary Initiative, CTS formed a Green Team to integrate ecological care and concern into its life and ministry.


Incorporate care for creation into the identity and mission of CTS, making it a foundational part of the academic program and an integral part of the ethos of the whole institution


Prof. Felicity Kelcourse along with members of the faculty, staff and student body


  • Supports members of the LGBT+ community on campus and in Indianapolis
  • Organizes LGBT+ individuals and allies in events and demonstrations that promote respect, understanding and safety for the LGBT+ community
  • Future informational meetings coming soon

Ayanna Garrett, Associate Dean of Students   

Black Student Caucus

  • Provides mentoring and fellowship for African-American students
  • Offers a forum for African-American voices within the CTS community
  • Future informational meetings coming soon

Robert Brown   

Latinx Student Association

  • Promotes academic support, cultural identity and fellowship
  • Provides resources and services for Latinx and international students
  • Promotes multicultural and diversity awareness on campus
  • Future informational meetings coming soon

Ayanna Garrett, Associate Dean of Students