Skills for Flourishing Congregations

Micro-credentials in practical skills for church leaders

“We never learned this in seminary.” How many times does a pastor and church leader say this? While formal theological degree programs provide an excellent foundation, the fast-paced world of ministry makes it necessary for clergy and laypeople to continually evolve their skills to keep churches healthy and flourishing.

CTS is launching a series of micro-credentialing courses to help meet this need. Micro-credentialing is an emerging trend where educational institutions offer brief, focused, skills-based courses that allow participants to gain and demonstrate competencies in relevant areas of their work. Micro-credentialing courses are not tied to a formal degree. Instead, they are skills-based opportunities for continuing education that help leaders stay nimble and up to date in a rapidly changing ministry environment.

Congregational Leadership Courses

2023-2024 Series

The 2023-2024 series is focused on technology. The 6-week online courses will be hosted online Monday evenings from 7-8pm. Courses can be taken individually or as a sequence to help leaders develop fresh skills and resources.


October 2 - November 6

Mondays from 7-8pm

Technology & Worship

The recent pandemic intensified a trend that has been growing for years: more and more Christian congregations are incorporating online worship into their weekly services, and more and more Christians are participating in worship remotely through streaming services. What is the theology behind how to do this well? What are the complex issues? How can it be done with excellence? Join Rev. Dr. Jevon Caldwell-Gross for a practical and informative look at how technology can enhance worship, and what pastors/congregations should consider.


January 8 - February 12

Mondays from 7-8pm

Technology & Faith Formation

So much of our social, intellectual, and cultural life is lived online these days. If we are “formed” as people online, then what does that mean for the prospects of online faith formation of youth and adults? What are the possibilities, and what are the potential pitfalls? Join Rev. Dr. Jevon Caldwell-Gross for a hands-on, creative look at best practices and new horizons in online faith formation, and how congregations can take part.


February 26 - April 1

Mondays from 7-8pm

Technology & Outreach

Online spaces are places of possibility, but also sites of brokenness and danger. How is the church called to be in online spaces? How can the gospel be communicated, and how can congregations be healing presences online? Join Dr. Katherine Schmidt, noted theologian of digital technologies and Associate Professor of Religion at Molloy College, for a provocative exploration of the church in a digital age.


$125 per course

CEU certificates available for each course upon request. Attendance at all courses is required to obtain a CEU certificate.

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About these Courses

The Skills for Flourishing Congregations series provides church leaders with a chance to gain relevant, real-time knowledge in key areas of church leadership:

Strategic planning


Volunteer management

Conflict resolution

Other vital skills