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Grant Program

Inspiring a Revolution of Hope

Poverty is eroding the foundations of Indianapolis. CTS, with support from the Mike and Sue Smith Family Fund, has created the Faith & Action Project to inspire collaboration among faith communities, nonprofits, and government agencies in order to reduce poverty in the city. One of the primary ways we do that is through our annual grant program.

Grant Application Process

The CTS Faith & Action Project connects, inspires, and empowers communities of faith and others to implement effective solutions related to reducing poverty and increasing opportunity in Indianapolis.  As part of its work to eliminate poverty, the Faith & Action Project provides annual catalytic grants totaling $100,000 to initiatives focused on education, health, affordable housing, employment pathways, and networks of support for individuals and families in or on the cusp of poverty. The Grant Program relies on a multi-step application process.

All those planning to apply for a Faith & Action Project Grant are required to attend the annual Spring Conference which brings together faith organizations and nonprofits in Indianapolis.  At the conference experts, leaders, and community members discuss best practices and effective solutions for breaking the cycle of poverty. These discussions help generate ideas for innovative solutions to addressing poverty that we hope will be reflected in the grant proposals we receive.

To be considered for a Grant, organizations must submit an initial application. Applications can be submitted prior to the Spring Conference, but a representative from the organization must attend the Spring Conference for the application to move forward. Those invited into the next round will be asked to submit a full grant proposal. Finally, the Grant Recipients will be announced.  The key dates for the upcoming grant application process can be seen below.

2024 Grant Application Timeline

February 20

Applications Available

April 18

Faith & Action Spring Conference

May 6

First Round grant applications due by noon

June 6

Second Round applications due by noon for finalists invited to move forward

July 31

Faith & Action Grant recipients announced

Grant Recipients

Since 2017, the Faith & Action Project has provided grants to Central Indiana organizations dedicated to building sustainable ways out of poverty, while inspiring lasting change in the lives of our most vulnerable neighbors.


2020 Emergency-Relief Grants

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Christian Theological Seminary’s Faith & Action Project provided $75,000 in emergency relief grants to seven organizations whose poverty mitigation work includes mental health services and family stability measures. Working with community networks, past Faith & Action grant recipients and others, CTS identified seven organizations to receive these emergency relief grants.

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Building Blocks to End Poverty

We provide grants to organizations focused on the key building blocks that provide a pathway out of poverty:


(early childhood, K-12, post-secondary)


(jobs, skills-based training, etc.)


(safe and affordable)

Health and well-being

(mental, physical and behavioral, access to care and healthy food)

Support network

(including spiritual guidance)

Social capital

(peers, neighbors, communities)

2021 Grant Recipients

Our 2021 grant recipients share about the work they are doing to mitigate poverty and provide meaningful and lasting changes—changes that we believe will help families and communities flourish.

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2020 Grant Recipients

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2019 Grant Recipients

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2018 Grant Recipients

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2017 Grant Recipients

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What is the purpose of the Faith & Action Grants?

The Faith & Action Project serves as a catalyst for faith communities, government agencies, non-profits and for-profits to come together and solve the root causes of poverty. While we applaud efforts to provide poverty relief, that is not our goal. We seek to eliminate the need for poverty relief. The grant recipients are at a place where the grant could vault sound and sustainable programs to the next level of size, strength and impact.

How does my charitable organization submit an application?

The open application period occurs each spring. Applications must be submitted via the online application form and can be found by clicking the Apply Now button at the top of this page (please note the Apply Now button only appears when the application period is open). Please refer to the Faith & Action Grant Program timeline for the dates applications are available and due each year.

How much will be awarded?

$100,000 will be awarded; we are seeking to fund high-impact grants.

What do you mean by collaboration?

For purposes of this initiative, we consider collaboration to be a mutually beneficial relationship between two or more organizations to conduct or support activities described in an application. Typically, each organization in a collaboration makes contributions (staff time, financial resources, marketing, subject matter expertise, etc.) towards a shared goal.

Is it mandatory that my charitable organization collaborate with other organizations?

Collaboration is highly encouraged but not required; however, in some situations collaboration is necessary. If an eligible charitable organization is based outside of Marion County, it must collaborate with an eligible charitable organization based in Marion County.

What is the purpose of the Faith & Action Grants?

The Faith & Action Project serves as a catalyst for faith communities, government agencies, non-profits and for-profits to come together and solve the root causes of poverty in Marion County.

We are a grass roots organization, so will we still be considered?

Yes, provided you demonstrate a track record or an evidenced-based model of moving individuals and/or families out of poverty.

Can we include our brochures, annual reports and videos about our organization?

If the Faith & Action team elects to conduct a site visit, it would be appropriate at that time to supply them with your organization’s materials.

If the project is a multi-agency collaboration and we are selected as a finalist, do we submit the financial information from all the collaborating partners?

If a grant application is a multi-agency collaboration, Faith & Action requests information from all collaborating partners in the final (second round) grant application due in June.

Will the Faith & Action Project team be available for help with writing my grant application?

No. However, the Faith & Action team is available for questions regarding your grant application.

Who can I contact for more information?

Any questions or comments regarding the grant application process are welcome. Please contact Project Director, Lindsey Nell Rabinowitch at

Is the Faith & Action Jury allowed to be contacted?

Please do not contact Faith & Action jury members. You can direct all questions to Project Director, Lindsey Nell Rabinowitch at

Can CTS serve as the fiduciary agent for my project?

No, CTS will not serve as the fiduciary agent.

Beyond the verbal and written reports, what are the requirements if I should receive a grant?

  • Due diligence in discovery to reduce duplication of existing efforts/programs
  • Transparent interaction with CTS
  • Availability for interviews and marketing if opportunities arise
  • Purposeful and intentional communication with the partner community