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Important Steps to Prepare for a Faith & Action Grant Application


Christian Theological Seminary’s Faith & Action Grant Program presents a unique opportunity for organizations committed to addressing poverty in lasting ways to receive the support they need to make a tangible difference in our community. As the 2024 grant application timeline begins, applicants are encouraged to follow these preparation tips to increase their chances of success. Here are some essential tips to guide applicants as they prepare for the process:

  1. Reflect in Advance and Register for the Spring Conference
    Before sending a representative to attend the Faith & Action Spring Conference’s morning session on April 18 (a requirement for all grant applicants), take the time to consider your Faith & Action grant application. Reflect on your organization’s goals and how they align with the Faith & Action Program’s objectives. Review the grant application and gather any necessary information or materials you need to complete it.
  2. Come Prepared to Actively Engage
    Come prepared to engage fully during the Spring Conference. Participate in workshops, discussions, and networking sessions with an open mind and a willingness to learn. The more engaged you are, the more you’ll benefit from the insights and experiences shared by fellow attendees.
  3. Network for Impact
    Take advantage of the networking opportunities available at the Spring Conference. Connect with other attendees, share your ideas, and explore potential collaborations. Building relationships with like-minded individuals and organizations can strengthen your grant application and amplify your impact.
  4. Share Your Success
    If you have a success story to share, don’t hesitate to do so. Sharing your achievements not only highlights the effectiveness of your work but also provides valuable insights and inspiration to others. Your success story could resonate with potential collaborators or funders.
  5. Listen for Actionable Insights
    Listen attentively during the conference for actionable steps and strategies that you can implement in your organization. Speakers will share practical advice and recommendations for addressing poverty and social injustice, both individually and collectively.
  6. Take Advantage of Collective Inspiration
    Invite your friends, colleagues, or fellow worshippers to attend the Spring Conference with you. Sharing the experience with others can generate enthusiasm and motivation, fostering a sense of collective purpose and commitment to making a difference.
  7. Utilize Grant Resources
    In addition to attending the Spring Conference, applicants are encouraged to utilize the resources available on the Faith & Action Grant Program webpage. Familiarize yourself with the program timeline, review past grant recipients and funded projects, and explore the frequently asked questions (FAQs) section for valuable insights.
  8. Complete the Application Process with the Objectives in Mind
    As you prepare your application, keep in mind the objectives of the Annual Grant Program, which include boosting initiatives that are providing pathways out of poverty and attacking root causes of poverty such as lack of job-readiness and inadequate housing options, supporting evidence-based approaches, and promoting partnerships among faith-based and nonprofit organizations. The application process consists of multiple steps, with organizations required to submit a first-round application by May 6, 2024. Remember, attendance at the annual Spring Conference is mandatory for all prospective applicants.

By following these guidelines and leveraging the available resources, organizations can enhance their chances of securing a Faith & Action grant and accelerating their programs aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty. Thank you for all the ways you are walking alongside those on the margins and working to end poverty. We look forward to receiving applications, and we hope yours will be among them!