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CTS Celebrates Successful Alumni Day 2024


Christian Theological Seminary recently hosted Alumni Day 2024, a vibrant gathering that brought together alumni from regional, national, and international audiences. The event, held on February 8, was a testament to the strong sense of community and camaraderie among CTS graduates and the lasting impact of the CTS experience.

The day began with a Virtual Experience, drawing attendees from various locations including Chicago, Virginia, and even Brazil. Breakout facilitators and hosts set the tone with a heartfelt rendition of “It Is Well” and a prayer, creating a welcoming atmosphere for all participants. President David M. Mellott welcomed the alumni and celebrated CTS’s achievement of welcoming its largest spring incoming class in over 25 years. Dr. Mellott shared three words he believes define CTS’s focus for the next three years: Collaboration, Integration, and Alignment.

More than 30 alumni engaged in the virtual component, participating in small group breakout discussions that fostered meaningful dialogue and connections. The day continued with the In-Person Experience, which saw the participation of over 40 alumni. The in-person segment also commenced with a luncheon and opening remarks from President Mellott, setting the stage for an enriching program ahead.

One of the highlights of Alumni Day was the keynote address delivered by alumna and Doctor of Ministry student Rev. Anastasia Holman. Titled “Interfaith and Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Take the Limits Off,” Holman’s keynote resonated deeply with attendees. She shared powerful quotes to encourage fellow alumni in both pastoral and counseling fields. One insightful comment received a particularly hearty response: “Sometimes the sacred text that I wrestle with is myself.” Holman emphasized the importance of dialogue and connection in facing contemporary challenges. Her message underscored the significance of understanding one’s own theology and fostering mutual support among individuals and communities.

The event also featured a panel discussion with CTS alumni from the School of Counseling and the School of Theology, delving into topics such as pastoral care and personal growth. Alumni reflected on the interconnectedness of their experiences and the profound impact of their education at CTS. Following the panel discussion, alumni joined faculty, staff, and community members for the Installation of Dean Francisco Lozada, Jr. and his CTS Talk titled, “Unpeeling Whiteness”: A Latino Perspective on Biblical Interpretation.

Alumni Day was hosted by the Office of Advancement and executed by the Resource Committee for Alumni Engagement and the Alumni Board. Participants praised the event for its encouraging atmosphere, providing opportunities to reconnect with old classmates and forge new connections. Rev. Holman’s keynote message left a lasting impression, inspiring attendees to continue their journey of personal and professional growth.

Alumni Day 2024 exemplified the spirit of community, learning, and fellowship that defines the CTS experience. As alumni continue to make their mark in theology, counseling, and beyond, events like these serve as reminders of the enduring bonds forged at CTS and the value of the CTS experience.

For more information about ways alumni can connect with CTS for ongoing support and to learn about future alumni events, visit the
CTS Alumni page.