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Dean’s Installation & “Unpeeling Whiteness” CTS Talk

Christian Theological Seminary announces the official installation of Dr. Francisco Lozada, Jr. as Dean of the Faculty will take place on Thursday, February 8, 2024, at 4pm Eastern in Shelton Auditorium. Our entire community is invited to join us for this historic moment as we celebrate the wisdom Dr. Lozada brings to our institution and the contribution his expertise and scholarship have on the formation of our students. His remarkable leadership in addressing hermeneutical and theological implications, particularly in the context of ethnic and racial communities, makes him a distinguished addition to our community.

In addition to his installation, Dean Lozada will be contributing to our esteemed CTS Talks series during the event. His talk, titled “Unpeeling Whiteness: A Latino Perspective on Biblical Interpretation,” is an exploration of the hidden power of “whiteness” in the practice of biblical interpretation, viewed through the lens of U.S. immigration history. Dean Lozada contends that U.S. biblical interpretation and its reading strategies are deeply embedded in “whiteness,” limiting the full potential of biblical interpretation to serve in a liberative way. He shares, “When we understand the racial scripts that we employ in reading biblical texts, congregations, or, even society in general, we become more informed public theologians.” This CTS Talk promises to be a thought-provoking examination of the intersectionality of biblical interpretation, race, and societal structures. Dr. Lozada’s expertise in New Testament studies, Latinx studies, and his commitment to innovative solutions for societal issues align perfectly with CTS’s core values.

The installation ceremony and CTS Talk are more than just formalities – they mark a pivotal moment for our seminary as we approach our 100th Anniversary with an eye for how diverse voices have shaped our past and how we must continue to include more diverse voices as we step into the future. Dean Lozada shares, “The installation of any faculty or Dean is part of the tradition of academia that connects the Dean to the history and the long line of academic leaders who have become before him at CTS. This is why the installation is important to me because it is an act of ritual and rituals draws one into the past while at the same time looking forward.” CTS has been holding installation ceremonies for its deans since Ronald Osborn became the first official Dean of the seminary in 1959. Prior to that, the Dean of the Butler School of Religion operated as the President of that school more than as an academic dean. Dean Lozada will be installed as the 13th official dean of Christian Theological Seminary.

This event embodies our commitment to advancing scholarship and formation, and to fostering engaging discussions that deepen our understanding of critical issues. The convergence of spirituality and scholarship at CTS finds expression in events like these, where faith and knowledge intersect in transformative ways. It holds particular significance in that it occurs on CTS Alumni Day 2024, allowing alumni from across the decades to participate in this special moment in the history of the seminary.

We invite all members of our community and beyond to be part of this significant occasion, engaging with the insights and perspectives that Dean Lozada brings to the forefront. Register now and join us on February 8 to witness the installation of our new Dean and to participate in a stimulating conversation on biblical interpretation and the pervasive influence of “whiteness.” It’s a testament to Dean Lozada’s dedication to intellectual curiosity, academic pursuit, and the ongoing exploration of matters central to our faith and society, a dedication that makes him poised to lead CTS in the years to come.

Register for the Installation and CTS Talk