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Year in Review 

As the academic year draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on the incredible journey of the past year at Christian Theological Seminary. The 2022-2023 academic year has been filled with significant moments, achievements, and growth. From academic accomplishments and community engagement to mental health resources and historic announcements, take a moment with us to celebrate the highlights and milestones that made this year truly exceptional. 

Throughout the year, Rev. Ayanna Garrett organized a series of enriching student events and community celebrations in her role as Associate Dean of Student Life. These gatherings provided students with opportunities for introspection, spiritual growth, and connection with their peers. From a student retreat at Fatima House in the fall to lunch and learn conversations with renowned theologians and religious leaders to a jam-packed student appreciation week, these events allowed students to deepen their growth, recharge, and develop a stronger sense of purpose and belonging. 

Academic excellence through scholarship and formation remains foundational to everything we do. This year, our students excelled in their studies, showcasing their dedication and commitment to learning. The MDiv and MTS degree programs were redesigned with the remote learner in mind, making use of classroom technology to maximize class connection both in person and online. The MACMHC and MAMFT counseling degree programs continued to provide over 95% placement of graduates, helping meet the need for mental health counselors in our state and beyond. The DMin program boasted an impressive 83.3% persistence to graduation rate, more than twice the average for ATS-accredited programs. The PhD in African American Preaching and Sacred Rhetoric welcomed its third cohort. Our faculty’s unwavering support and guidance further fostered a culture of support and success, preparing our students for their future roles as faith and community leaders. On May 20, 32 students graduated ready to transform the world as theologians, pastors, counselors, and community leaders. 

In September, CTS organized a special visit to the West Coast to reconnect with alumni in Los Angeles. This gathering provided a valuable opportunity for alumni to network, share their experiences, and engage in meaningful conversations about their ongoing contributions to the church and community. During the Faith & Action Fall Event, we hosted an alumni and student reception, creating a dynamic space for current students and graduates to connect and collaborate. This event also provided a unique platform for our alumni to engage with keynote speaker Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, an influential figure in the pursuit of justice and equity. Through these initiatives, we have been able to strengthen the bond with our alumni, celebrate their accomplishments, and provide spaces for meaningful dialogue and networking that further enriches our community. We are committed to continuing these efforts to ensure that our alumni feel valued, supported, and connected to our seminary’s mission of transforming the world through their church and community leadership. 

The Faith & Action Project awarded $105,000 in grant funding to four community efforts working to break the cycle of poverty and served as a platform for our students, faculty, and community partners to engage in meaningful social justice initiatives. The fall event featuring Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II and the spring conference featuring Rabbi Sharon Brous helped our community address pressing social issues, advocate for justice, and empower individuals and communities to create positive change. 

The Counseling Center provided comprehensive counseling services through more than 10,000 client sessions, offering support, guidance, and healing to individuals and families in our community. Through the clinical training center, our faculty and supervisors equipped future counselors with the skills and knowledge to provide compassionate care in a variety of settings. Support groups for living with ADHD and navigating grief provided a safe place for mental health support, and Marriage and Family Therapy interns provided free couples counseling throughout the month of March. CTS hosted the 25th Annual Spirituality and Psychotherapy Conference and the ISPT Master Clinician Workshops, gathering clinicians from around the world to discuss best practices and improved clinical methods. 

On April 28, President David Mellott delivered his State of the Seminary address, announcing the formation of the School of Theology and the School of Counseling. This restructuring allows CTS to fully embrace its identity as an institution that educates and forms counseling clinicians in addition to pastors, chaplains, educators, and community leaders. Forming the two schools creates explicit pathways for students of all types to discover and engage the diverse array of educational offerings at CTS. CTS was awarded several grants, including participation in two Pathways III grants from Lilly Endowment, Inc. and a Compelling Preaching grant that spurred the formation of CTS’ Compelling Preaching Initiative. During the year, CTS hired two additional full-time faculty members: Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible Timothy McNinch and Assistant Professor of Homiletics and Worship Nick Peterson. Finally, following an extensive national search, Dr. Frank Lozada, Jr. was announced as our Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Dean of the Faculty. It has truly been a historic year at CTS! 

As we wrap up another memorable school year, we celebrate these achievements, growth, and milestones that have shaped our community. The 2022-2023 academic year is a living testament to our commitment to nurturing compassionate, well-rounded leaders for church and community leadership. CTS stands as an academic learning community that gives witness to God’s liberative, restorative, and life-affirming message, both in the field of theology and counseling. We look forward to the coming year with optimism, carrying with us lessons learned and memories shared as we continue to transform lives who go out and transform the world. 

If you would like to support the efforts of the 2022-2023 school year and further amplify their impact, we invite you to make a gift to the CTS Annual Fund before the fiscal year ends on June 30.