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Christian Theological Seminary is excited to participate in two Pathways III grants from Lilly Endowment, Inc (LEI). These grants are part of a recent initiative on behalf of LEI to strengthen theological schools and their service to congregations. The most recently announced Pathways III grant was awarded to Eden Theological Seminary; Eden invited CTS to participate in their grant which will entail “collaboration among select free standing progressive theological schools of the ATS.”

The two primary goals are to:

  1. Share conversation among our faculties regarding theological education and formation for ministry within the Progressive Christian movement
  2. For those who wish to deepen the collaboration to build capacity together to develop a cross registration agreement for sharing courses and faculty resources

CTS has committed to participating in two forums in Academic Year 22-23 in which faculty from participating schools discuss theological education for the Progressive Christian Movement. CTS President David Mellott says, “We are hopeful that this opportunity for reflection and discernment among the participating schools will lead to deepened understanding of opportunities and challenges of theological education for people who are preparing for leadership in congregations and other ministries of progressive Christian traditions.”

To learn more about this Pathways III grant, read Eden Theological Seminary’s press release by clicking here.

This is the second of two Pathways III grants in which CTS is currently participating. The other is related to researching the potential of sharing back-office services with other seminaries. Participation in this grant allows CTS to investigate possibilities for resource sharing with other schools with similar values while we continue to create and explore new opportunities to fulfill our mission.