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Christian Theological Seminary holds five core values: affirming God-given human dignity, working toward justice for all, embracing diversity, advancing scholarship and formation, and promoting healing and wholeness. Because of who we are and our commitment to these values, we are called to name today as a difficult day.

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade will have a profound effect on our life in common. This decision directly conflicts with our values, and this concerns us. We recognize yesterday’s decision has triggered pain and reignited trauma for many, and this concerns us. Justice Thomas’ comments explicitly mention Griswold vs. Connecticut, Lawrence v. Texas, and Obergefell v. Hodges and suggest those cases should also be overturned, and this concerns us. We are concerned for the protection of reproductive rights. We are concerned for the vulnerability of women and how this affects their access to healthcare. We are concerned because we know this decision will have a disproportionate impact on women who are economically and socially marginalized.

Now is the time to recast what it means to be pro-life. We believe our country is not separated into two sides labeled pro-life and pro-choice. We believe that to be human and share our life in common we must join together to protect the humanity of ALL. We call upon our elected leaders to pass legislation that promotes human flourishing – codifying reproductive rights into law, abolishing the death penalty, providing access to affordable healthcare, safe housing, quality pre-K and education for our children, addressing the ways poverty disproportionately prevents flourishing for the socially and economically marginalized, protecting the Voting Rights and the human rights of those who are marginalized/discriminated against due to gender identity, race, ethnicity, country of origin and differing abilities. We must respond to the public health crisis of gun violence with common sense legislation that is proven to reduce firearm related incidents and deaths. Now is the time for us to join together in support of justice and human flourishing for all.