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Meet Daisy Rangel, New Admissions Counselor at CTS

By October 5, 2021October 29th, 2021No Comments
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On September 23, Daisy Rangel began her new position as Admissions Counselor at CTS. Rangel brings a heart of service, a background in counseling, and a passion for social justice to the CTS community. She now works in the Recruiting and Admissions office with Dr. DeNeen Collins, Director of Recruiting and Admissions, and Margaret Highbaugh Harrell, Administrative Assistant and Hospitality Coordinator.

Rangel was born in Oakland, CA, and came to Indiana for college. She explained, “I felt called to continue doing community service beyond high school and came across a scholarship program that would award me financial aid in exchange for 280 hours of service every year and summer of college.” During and after college, Rangel remained committed to a life of service, which led her to graduate school and then to CTS.

In 2019, Rangel graduated with a BA in in Psychology and a Minor in Spanish and Hispanic Studies from Earlham College in Richmond, IN. She said that, after graduating, she “did not feel fulfilled yet,” and decided to pursue a graduate degree in counseling from the University of Indianapolis. For the past year, she has been working in residential facilities for children and adolescents who have experienced severe trauma and psychological distress as part of her clinical hours.

Rangel’s interest in counseling stems from a calling to help others. “Mental health is, generally, a taboo subject among people of color and other vulnerable minority groups,” she said. “I felt inspired to change that perspective with kids and advocate for their mental health. I hope to continue my counseling work in a juvenile detention center after graduation.”

Growing up Roman Catholic and attending parochial schools for 10 years, Rangel’s faith has played an important role in her life, especially in her adjustment from California to Indiana.

Rangel explained, “I was initially attracted to CTS because of the universality of Christianity. I was looking for a place to tie in my counseling skills in a different setting where I felt comfortable sharing my faith. I have also felt a passion for social justice, and I believe CTS shares that passion.”

Excited about her new role in the seminary and the opportunity to engage with its community, she said, “I am excited to learn more about CTS and how I can meet the needs of potential students and better the admissions process.”

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