Course Schedule

Spring 2020 Course Schedule

Who is teaching in Spring 2020 at CTS?

  • Barnes, Dr. Jonathan – CTS Lecturer; academic focus: missions
  • Beier, Dr. Matthias – Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology and Mental Health Counseling and Director of Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program. View Prof. Beier’s full faculty page here.
  • Braeger, Dr. Jacquie – Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy. View Prof. Braeger’s full faculty page here.
  • Buggs, Rev. Courtney – Visiting Assistant Professor of Homiletics and Louisville Postdoctoral Fellow; academic focus:  womanist preaching, cross-cultural preaching
  • Coyle, Dr. Suzanne – Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology and Marriage and Family Therapy, Ex. Dir. of the Counseling Center, and Director of Marriage and Family Therapy Program. View Prof. Coyle’s full faculty page here.
  • Davis, Dr. Christina – Clinic Director and Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology and Clinical Practice. View Prof. Davis’s full faculty page here.
  • Gunning Francis, Dr. Leah – Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty and Associate Professor of Christian Education and Practical Theology. View Dean Gunning Francis’s full faculty page here.
  • Ivy, Steven
  • James, Dr. Philip – CTS Affiliate Professor, CTS Cohort Mentor, Pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Indianapolis; academic focus: healthcare disparities among the indigent and the African American populations
  • Johnston, Carol – CTS Associate Professor Emerita of Theology and Culture. View Prof. Johnston’s full faculty page here.
  • Kelcourse, Dr. Felicity – Associate Professor of Psychology of Religion and Pastoral Psychotherapy. View Prof. Kelcourse’s full faculty page here.
  • Kincaid, Dr. Bill – Herald B. Monroe Associate Professor of Leadership and Ministry Studies. View Prof. Kincaid’s full faculty page here.
  • Lindeman Allen, Dr. Amy – Assistant Professor of New Testament. View Prof. Lindeman Allen’s full faculty page here.
  • Russaw, Dr. Kimberly – Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible. View Prof. Russaw’s full faculty page here.
  • Russell, Helene – Associate Professor of Theology; View Prof. Russell’s full faculty page here.
  • Saler, Dr. Rob – Associate Dean, Research Professor of Religion and Culture, and Executive Director of the Center for Pastoral Excellence and the Lilly Endowment Clergy Renewal Program. View Prof. Saler’s full faculty page here.
  • Deborah Saxon – CTS Lecturer; academic focus: Christian texts from the first three centuries of the Common Era that came to light once again in the 19th and 20th centuries and women’s roles in religious communities and ecumenical and interfaith collaborations.
  • Seay, Dr. Scott – Associate Professor of the History of Christianity and Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program. View Prof. Seay’s full faculty page here.
  • Adam Smithey – CTS Lecturer;  academic focus: marriage and family therapist specializing in relationship counseling
  • Steussy, Dr. Marti – MacAllister Petticrew Professor Emerita of Biblical Interpretation. View Prof. Steussy’s full faculty page here.
  • Frank A. Thomas – Nettie Sweeney and Hugh Th. Miller Professor of Homiletics and Director of the Academy of Preaching and Celebration. View Prof. Thomas’ full faculty page here.
  • Wright, Marty – CTS Director of Supervised Ministry and Pastor of Ogilville Christian Church

Ready to Apply?

Hispanic Summer Program

CTS is a proud sponsor of the Hispanic Summer Program, which is held annually at one of several seminaries that sponsor this intensive two-week program. Hispanic/Latinx students and bilingual students who are interested in Hispanic ministries may enroll for a maximum of two courses per summer (two credits each) toward a CTS degree. Instruction is in Spanish and English, covers a wide range of the theological curriculum and focuses on the Hispanic/Latinx church and ministries. Financial assistance for travel, housing and tuition is provided by sponsoring institutions.

For more information, ask your Admissions contact.