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Master of Arts in Marriage + Family Therapy


One of two counseling degrees offered at CTS, the Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy (MAMFT) provides theological and professional preparation in marriage and family therapy that meets state of Indiana academic requirements for licensing of marriage and family therapists. The coursework provides a blend of psychological and theological study with clinical practice that results in the ability to minister to families and individuals mentally and spiritually.

The CTS Counseling Center offers MAMFT students another advantage distinct from other seminaries. Here students may conveniently complete their practicum and resident hours on campus in the state-of-the-art CTS Counseling Center. Students enjoy the ease and benefit of time invested in networking and taking coursework toward graduation while seeing clients, without the need to go elsewhere for this portion of the degree requirement.

The MAMFT program can be taken jointly with the Master of Divinity (MDiv) program for the MDiv/MAMFT.


  • MAMFT students are exposed to a wide variety of clinical situations including crisis counseling, premarital counseling, couples counseling, children and teens in family counseling, depression screenings and the development of psychoeducational groups. The advertised length of the program is 4 years with many students completing it in 3 years. The maximum length is 9 years..
  • Among the many features of our state-of-the-art counseling facility is the play therapy area, providing unique opportunities to nurture healing in children through a rewarding, intuitive process.
  • Spanish-speaking students may opt to provide therapy for our Spanish-speaking clients, enlarging the student’s client base while providing an immersive opportunity to grow exponentially in the language. This is attractive to future employers.
  • The MAMFT is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. The training program is one of two programs in the nation accredited by COAMFTE and approved by American Association of Pastoral Counselors.
  • The program was one of eight programs in the nation selected to participate in the AAMFT MFT Core Competencies Beta Test Group 2005-2007 which studied new MFT outcome measures and ways to effectively teach competencies to MFT students in a changing educational paradigm.
  • Students in the program receive at least 100 hours of individual and group supervision in practicum; at least 50 hours of that supervision is based on direct observation, videotape or audio tape.
  • Students, faculty, and supervisors demonstrate diversity in age, gender, and racial ethnicity in addition to a diverse clientele. About 40% of our clients in our on-site counseling center are persons of color. Of our faculty and supervisor team, 71% are Caucasian and 29% are African American. 71% are female; 29% male. All our supervisors are AAMFT Approved Supervisors . 57% of the students are Caucasian and 43% are African-American. 75% of the students are female and 25% of the students are male.



COAMFTE Student Achievement Criteria Data for MAMFT Program – Christian Theological Seminary
Accredited: January 1, 1991
Advertised Program Length*: 4 years
Cohort Year Students Entered Program # of Students in Program Advertised Graduation Rate (%)* Maximum Graduation Rate (%)** Job Placement Rate (%)*** National Exam Pass Rate (%)****
2010-2011 16 n/a 81.25% n/a 0% n/a 92.31% n/a 100% n/a
2011-2012 13 n/a 92.31% n/a 18.18% n/a 100% n/a 71.42% n/a
2012-2013 11 n/a 72.73% n/a 11.11% n/a 100% n/a 100% n/a
2013-2014 10 n/a 30% n/a 0% n/a 100% n/a 100% n/a
2014-2015 10 n/a 50% n/a 0% n/a 100% n/a 100% n/a
2015-2016 8 n/a 75% n/a 0% n/a 100% n/a 100% n/a
2016-2017 10 n/a 20% n/a 0% n/a 100% n/a 100% n/a
2017-2018 11 n/a 9.10% n/a 0% n/a 100% n/a In process n/a
2018-2019 6 n/a In process n/a In process n/a In process n/a In process n/a
2019-2020 14 n/a In process n/a In process n/a In process n/a In process n/a

Programs are only required to provide data on the past 10 years/cohort or since the program was initial accredited, whichever is shorter.
* Programs should report graduation rates for program’s Advertised Length of Completion which is how long the program is designed to complete as written.
**Programs applying for initial or renewal of accreditation are required to publish the following in their SAC table: (1) the maximum length of program completion (years only) and (2) graduation rates for maximum length of program completion (maximum allowable time in which a student must finish the program).  Programs in Maintenance of Accreditation are encouraged to continue publishing the graduation rates for maximum length of completion but are not required to do so.
*** Masters and Doctoral programs are required to provide this information.  Job Placement Rates by cohort is defined as the percentage of graduates from the cohort year listed that are employed utilizing skills learned in the COAMFTE accredited program.
**** Masters programs are required to provide this information.  Doctoral and Post-Degree programs are encouraged to share this with the public. For Master’s programs only, COAMFTE has established a benchmark of 70% pass rate for each cohort.  Programs in California can use the California Law and Ethics exam for MFTs to meet this requirement. Masters programs can add a column if they have International students that do not take the exam or if they have students that take either the National Exam or the California Exam