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CTS Welcomes 35 New Students for Spring 2024


At student orientation on January 4, Christian Theological Seminary welcomed 19 students to the School of Counseling and 16 students to the School of Theology for a total of 35 new students, marking the largest incoming Spring Semester class in more than 25 years. The day’s events included introductions to CTS faculty and staff, a morning meditation labyrinth walk, a tour of CTS and walk through the library, review of important student information, degree program meetings, a safety presentation, information about student groups, a panel of current CTS students, and a culminating reception and blessing.

Associate Dean for Student Life Rev. Ayanna Garrett led the day’s events and provided a warm welcome to the incoming students. Dean Francisco Lozada shared, “Our January orientation was a huge success. It was invigorating to meet so many new students and experience their passion and energy. I am confident they left feeling a strong sense of belonging, well-equipped for the journey ahead.”

After meeting with faculty members from the School of Counseling and the School of Theology, new students learned about student life opportunities like student council, the Green Seminary activities, and the WOC Healing Circle. They then got the chance to interact with current student panelists who shared sage advice on everything from how to succeed academically to how to strike a healthy work/life/school balance.

When asked what they wish they had known when they were new students, the panelists shared these words of wisdom:

  • “Professors are not only supportive of your academic work, but also your outside endeavors. Know this – you are going to get the support you need, and you can absolutely do this.”
  • “You’ll find that hard is not impossible and that different is not always wrong.”
  • “I wish I had known I was wrong in my preconceptions. I thought, ‘This place will be filled with people just like me.’ Then I got here, and people disagreed with me. The very first day, I went home and told my wife it was not what I had expected, but it was better than anything I could have expected. Over the past semester, I’ve grown a lot because of learning with those who disagree with me.”
  • “I didn’t know that I was going to build a community of others who would be there for me as backbones of support. I came into this independently – that’s how I operate – but I learned it’s ok to be vulnerable here. You will find a group of people to trust.”
  • “Plan ahead well, but also give yourself grace. Be kind with yourself.”
  • “Take all your worries and put them in a box. Give yourself an opportunity; give yourself a chance. You will love being here and CTS will love you right back.”

Please join us in wishing the best of luck to the 35 newest members of the CTS student community!