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Be the Change – CTS Green Faith Initiative Podcast

The CTS Green Faith Initiative has launched a podcast series about How to Be the Change the World Needs. As a certified Green Seminary, CTS is part of a small group of seminaries leading the way in eco-justice and care for the environment. CTS received this certification from the Green Seminary Initiative and GreenFaith in recognition of the hard work it has undertaken in recent years “to put forward ecological priorities” in its curriculum and day-to-day operations.

CTS Professors Dr. Felicity Kelcourse (Associate Professor of Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Psychology of Religion) and Dr. Timothy McNinch (Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible) partnered to bring this podcast to fruition as a way people in the CTS community and beyond can engage responsible ecology, eco-justice, and activism from diverse faith perspectives. Their goal is to release regular podcasts interviewing ecological leaders about how we can each be the change the world needs.

Two episodes of the podcast were released in October and November 2023 and are currently available on the CTS YouTube channel. The first episode features Dr. Kelcourse interviewing Brian Sauder, the executive director of “Faith in Place,” a nonprofit empowering people of diverse faiths and spiritualities to be leaders in advancing environmental and racial justice, providing resources to educate, connect, and advocate for healthier communities.

Episode two features Lori Perdue, campaign director of “Forests for Indy,” a program of Indiana Forest Alliance (IFA). Launched by IFA in 2018, “Forests for Indy” is the first ever proactive, data-driven initiative to identify, assess, and plan to preserve forests remaining in Indianapolis. IFA has identified and ranked 4,237 urban forests at risk of development including the top 100 that offer the most benefits in terms of heat, flood, and pollution mitigation; wildlife habitat; and neighborhood quality of life. To keep Indianapolis livable, we need to conserve much of the tree canopy that remains in Marion County and prevent its loss by default to development.

As we continue to navigate a global climate crisis, the relevance of this podcast series is undeniable. The imperative to act has never been more urgent, and through engaging conversations with leaders, this podcast series brings forth perspectives and solutions that matter. Our commitment to eco-justice extends beyond theoretical discussions; it’s about empowering individuals from all walks of life to play a role in advancing environmental and racial justice. By amplifying voices at the forefront of eco-activism, the podcast provides tangible insights for listeners to implement in their lives. Whether it’s conserving urban forests or advocating for healthier communities, each episode offers a roadmap for individuals to contribute meaningfully to the well-being of our planet.

In a world clamoring for change, the CTS Green Faith Initiative’s “How to Be the Change the World Needs” podcast series embodies the spirit of our seminary community. We don’t merely talk about values; we seek to embody them and put them into action. Through engaging conversations and actionable insights, this series invites you to be an agent of positive change. Join us on this transformative journey, where our shared commitment to ecological responsibility transforms from words into impactful deeds.

Listen to the first two episodes of “How to Be the Change the World Needs” on our CTS YouTube channel and become a part of the change our world desperately needs.