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Hispanic Summer Program – Applications Open for CTS Students


Nestled in the heartland of America’s Midwest, CTS stands as a beacon of diversity, inclusivity, and innovation. As part of its commitment to nurturing emerging leaders from all walks of life, CTS proudly sponsors the Hispanic Summer Program (HSP), an enriching and transformative initiative that has been shaping Latinx theological and academic leaders since its inception in 1989. Applications for the 2024 Hispanic Summer Program open on November 1, and CTS students have a unique opportunity to attend HSP at very little cost due to CTS’ sponsoring partnership.

Hispanic Summer Program LogoHSP: An Educational Legacy

The Hispanic Summer Program is not just any program; it’s a testament to the power of diversity and the voices that often remain unheard or under-represented in the theological discourse. This remarkable initiative seeks to empower Latinx graduate students in theology and related fields by providing them with a unique platform to learn from diverse faculty. In the tapestry of theological education, where inclusivity and diversity are paramount, HSP stands out as a nurturing ground for future leaders.

What makes HSP distinct is its collaborative nature. Owned, governed, managed, and sustained by a diverse group of seminaries, universities, and departments of theology in the United States and Puerto Rico, this program transcends the boundaries of a single institution. Every year, each sponsoring institution, including CTS, contributes to HSP’s mission by providing the financial support needed to ensure the program’s success.

Sponsoring institutions, irrespective of their theological traditions, have a seat and a vote on the HSP’s Governing Board. This means that they actively shape the program’s direction, curriculum, and goals. The fruits of this sponsorship extend beyond financial contributions; they encompass a commitment to the core values of diversity, multiculturalism, and social engagement in an increasingly diverse world.

Access and Opportunity

For students from sponsoring institutions like CTS, the HSP Summer Session is an extraordinary opportunity. They can choose from a selection of 3-credit graduate-level courses and participate for a reduced fee of only $475, which covers tuition, round-trip airfare, and 13 days of room and board. This level of accessibility opens doors for students who might otherwise find such experiences beyond their reach.

Even for students from non-sponsoring institutions, the HSP offers an invaluable experience. While their fees are slightly higher at $800, they still gain access to a world of knowledge, and the HSP covers their room and board. The HSP is indeed a space where economic constraints do not limit educational opportunities.

Shaping the Future of Theological Leadership

Over its 30+ years of existence, the HSP has touched the lives of countless seminarians, graduate students, and faculty members. The impact of the program extends beyond theology to influence a broad spectrum of fields and areas of study. It has:

  • Taught over 1800 seminarians and graduate students.
  • Trained more than 150 non-Latinx faculty and administrators.
  • Provided 30+ years of programming that has enriched the theological landscape.

This long-standing legacy highlights the HSP’s resilience and determination to empower Latinx voices.

Beyond the Summer Session

HSP’s flagship program, the Summer Session, draws students from across the country for a two-week intensive course. This experience allows participants to engage in accredited, graduate-level courses with some of the nation’s top Latinx faculty. It’s an environment that not only imparts knowledge but also centers Latinx methods, pedagogies, and stories.

Yet, the HSP is not limited to the Summer Session. It offers an array of programs and initiatives, each aimed at fostering a richer, more inclusive world:

  • Through Hispanic Eyes: This three-day workshop gathers non-Latinx university staff, faculty, and administrators from sponsoring schools to gain cultural competency around Latinx realities in higher education.
  • Latinx Discernment Workshop: Designed for a small group of Latinx graduate students from HSP sponsoring schools, this workshop provides space for critical reflection on their strengths, community needs, goals, and desires and how these inform their next steps after graduate school.
  • Pedagogy Workshop: This event invites HSP Summer Session faculty to critically reflect on the particularities of teaching a two-week intensive graduate-level course in a majority Latinx environment.
  • HSP Exchange: Monthly sessions invite Latinx thought leaders to reflect on pertinent issues for the Latinx community. This initiative emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic when people were seeking ways to connect, engage, and find resources to address pressing realities.
  • Alumni Network: The Alumni Network at the Hispanic Summer Program provides an ongoing relationship for alumni of any of its programs, allowing them to support and connect with each other and invest in shaping the next generation of Latinx theological and academic leaders.
  • J-Term: The online J-Term intensive expands the curricular offerings of sponsoring schools by hosting a fully accredited online course in Latinx theology, history, sociology, and/or ministry.
  • El Semillero: Meaning “seed bed,” this workshop teaches practitioners about fundraising, finance, and development to help build economically sustainable institutions that can positively impact the Latinx community for generations.

As CTS students have experienced the transformative power of HSP, they have discovered the richness and depth that Latinx perspectives bring to theological education. CTS, through its sponsorship of the Hispanic Summer Program, continues to open doors for students, fostering diversity, inclusivity, and a rich tapestry of voices in theological discourse.


To learn more about HSP Programs, including how to apply, visit the HSP Website.

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