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Christian Theological Seminary is excited to announce an exciting new redesign of our Master of Divinity degree program that makes the MDiv accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. We understand you can’t put your life on pause to step into your calling; thanks to new remote learning technology and our redesigned MDiv program, you no longer have to. 

CTS’s redesigned Master of Divinity degree program now offers remote learning options for completing classes without eliminating the traditional in-person classroom experience. Consistent course offerings and individualized degree mapping allow students to complete the required credit hours at their own pace with minimal on-site intensives. “Thanks to this structural redesign, online options are enhanced by periodic weeklong in-person intensives that will allow students to form face-to-face bonds to last a lifetime. The new format and classroom technology exponentially increases access to the program without diminishing its excellent content and strong relational foundation,” says Associate Dean Dr. Rob Saler. 

CTS classrooms feature new technology that ensures remote learning is just as valuable and viable as in person attendance, creating an equitable experience for students across different mediums. Classroom setup allows instructors to interact with all students, whether they are physically in the room or attending class virtually. Education Technology Specialist Melissa Trahyn shares, “Classrooms now have a screen at the back of the room facing the instructor, two cameras (one with a view of the room and one with a view of the instructor), five microphones that pick up all sound, and a smart whiteboard at the front of the classroom. The camera focused on the instructor and follows them as they move, allowing faculty members the freedom to use their natural embodied movements in teaching. The screen in the back allows the instructors to feel like they can talk facing all students, whether they are physically in the room or attending remotely. Think of it like the last row in the class – that board is part of the classroom circle and conversation. It shows pictures and video feed of all the students attending class virtually.” Location is no longer a firm limitation – interested students can now experience CTS from wherever they call home. 

The Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree prepares graduates for multiple kinds of ministry and community leadership, including parish ministry, many types of chaplaincy, and non-profit and for-profit service-based environments. The program takes place in a variety of learning formats with an emphasis on community life, peer learning, and supervised ministry experiences. 

Reflecting on the excitement and importance of the changes, Dr. Saler shares, “In a time when the spiritual lives of so many are an evolving mix of online and embodied relationships, this degree will give students deep formation in navigating these waters on behalf of the church and world.” 

To learn more about the CTS MDiv program, click here.