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Prof. Bill Kincaid Authors New Book

By October 9, 2018October 29th, 2021No Comments
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Professor Bill Kincaid, Interim President and Herald B. Monroe Associate Professor of Leadership and Ministry Studies at CTS, authored a new book, Like Stepping Into a Canoe: Nimbleness and the Transition into Ministry.

As the subtitle indicates, this new book, which is Prof. Kincaid’s second, addresses the transition from seminary training into a ministry context. This transition can be jarring as new pastors and ministers are often confronted with inherited institutional structures, a mountain of tasks, professional and personal isolation, and steep expectations. Because of this, many young pastors and ministers end up leaving the ministry.

In Like Stepping into a Canoe, Prof. Kincaid “seeks to help new pastors stay connected to their call, to understand change and transitions, to value both restlessness and resilience, and to find fulfillment in the early years of their ministry.”

Prof. Kincaid does so by suggesting five practices of nimbleness:

  • For the stymied creativity, the practice of curiosity.
  • For the barrage of tasks, the practice of clarity.
  • For the intransigence of church systems, the practice of agility.
  • For the isolation and loneliness, the practice of proximity.
  • For the expectations of others, the practice of temerity.

Get a copy of the new book here!