Timothy McNinch
Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible

Timothy McNinch serves as Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible at Christian Theological Seminary. He earned his PhD in Hebrew Bible from Emory University, where his dissertation focused on the compositional history of 1 Samuel 1–8. Prior to his academic career, McNinch was a church planting pastor in Michigan with the Association of Vineyard Churches (USA). He is now certified for ordination in the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Dr. McNinch’s scholarship has appeared in Vetus Testamentum, Bible and Critical Theory, and Encounter. He is the series editor of the “Politics of Scripture” blog at the Political Theology Network (politicaltheology.com), and series editor of the Illustrated Biblical Texts series from GlossaHouse Publishers (glossahouse.com). He is also the creator and co-host of the popular weekly preaching podcast, “First Reading” (firstreadingpodcast.com), and curates a biblical languages YouTube channel (youtube.com/timmcninch).

McNinch earned a BA (in Physics and Religion) from Kalamazoo College and an MDiv from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

For more, see his digital portfolio at timothymcninch.com.

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