First cohort of Yoga Teacher Training graduates!

CTS celebrates the graduation of the first cohort from its new Yoga Teacher Training, which is part of CTS’s new Yoga, Spirituality and Wellness program. The training involves three classes that satisfy Yoga Alliance’s 200 hours of teacher training and provides students with deep knowledge of Christian wellness and formation. Congratulations to:

Adrienne Lacy
Cynthia Budyn
Haley Patterson
Julia Pelton
Kelly Burk
Martha Slocumbe
Maryjane Behforouz
Omunique Owens
Rev. Miki Mathioudakis
Rev. Brenda Freije
Stephen Hall
Susan Sloss<

These graduates have various plans for how they will use their learning to serve others, including working with veterans, seniors, cancer survivors, and those who suffer from trauma, creating wellness initiatives within churches, offering yoga classes to underserved populations, and using the tools learned in mental health counseling.

CTS’s Yoga, Spirituality and Wellness programming focuses on giving ministers, counselors, and others a solid, theological foundation to integrate yoga with Christian wellness and formation and to share the teachings with others. Students in the program study Christian spirituality along with yoga practices and philosophy. Areas of focus include asana, pranayama, contemplation, meditation, and building effective and safe sequencing for personal and teaching practices. Students who complete the first three classes have the option to continue their studies and receive a CTS certification in Yoga, Spirituality and Wellness.