Faith & Action Fall Event

October 5, 2021

Faith & Action Fall Event Featuring Bryan Stevenson

The Faith & Action Project will host its 2021 Fall Event “American Injustice: Mercy, Humanity and Making a Difference” featuring Bryan Stevenson, founder of the Equal Justice Initiative and author of Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption. Stevenson will lead a moderated discussion about how we can overcome poverty by attacking the systemic and social injustices that fuel it. Specifically, we’ll discuss ways we can mitigate poverty in Central Indiana.

We’re inviting attendees to prepare for this year’s Fall Event by screening the HBO documentary film, True Justice: Bryan Stevenson’s Fight for Equality. Please see the discussion guide below for more information. Don’t forget to apply for a stipend to support screenings and discussion! 

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Prepare for the event

In 2019, HBO released the documentary film, True Justice: Bryan Stevenson’s Fight for Equality, which “focuses on Bryan Stevenson’s life and career—particularly his indictment of the U.S. criminal justice system for its role in codifying modern systemic racism—and tracks the intertwined histories of slavery, lynching, segregation and mass incarceration. Highlighting watershed moments involving cases and clients, True Justice offers a rare glimpse into the human struggle that is required when the poor and people of color are wrongly condemned or unfairly sentenced and explores the personal toll it takes.” Note: The film is not the focus of the fall event, but a good precursor to it—it can inform the discussion about effective ways to mitigate poverty and injustice.

Host a Screening

If you are interested in hosting a screening and discussions of the film, please carefully consider who will facilitate the discussions. It would be advantageous if the facilitator has a knowledge of the racialized contexts in our society and should seek to encourage an environment for discussions of compassion, mercy and the desire for understanding. The most helpful conversations about race cultivate concern, empathy and commitment.

Please keep us in the loop of your efforts by emailing Faith & Action Director, Lindsey Nell Rabinowitch at

Discussion Group Stipend

The Faith & Action Project is also offering a $200 stipend to support the screening of and group discussions surrounding the True Justice film.

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Resources to Help You

Film Discussion Guide

To help broaden the understanding of systemic racism, the Faith & Action Project is offering its community partners a free discussion guide for the Emmy-winning HBO documentary True Justice. Designed to be a catalyst for greater understanding and engagement by Indianapolis faith communities, the guide seeks to support conversations that lead to awareness and action while also preparing our Indianapolis audience for Bryan Stevenson’s appearance at the October Faith & Action Fall Event.

This customized guide was developed by Dr. Michael R. Twyman, Managing Principal of InExcelsis, LLC, and an associate faculty member at the IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, who has spent his life’s work to help produce more equitable outcomes for marginalized populations.

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