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CTS Talks with Dr. Seay

Remembering as a Spiritual Discipline

Dr. Scott Seay

The way in which we remember—both through the stories of the past that we tell and through material history—can help us see our place in God’s purposeful work in the world, make sense of the present, and invite us into God’s future work of transformation. Forgetfulness can have the opposite effect: we lose our place, fail to sustain a constructive engagement with the present, and lose our hope for the future. Remembering is a spiritual discipline because it helps us see God’s purposeful action in the world and invites us to join actively in God’s work of transformation.

Experience a series of captivating “TED Talk” style lectures at CTS Talks. Delivered by CTS Faculty and distinguished guests who are subject matter experts, these thought-provoking talks provide a platform to gain insight on topics that tie together intellectual curiosity and community reflection.

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Apr 11, 2024


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Shelton Auditorium
1000 W 42nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46208
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