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St. James- Salem and St John Churches

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As we transition following the retirement of our called past, our congregations are looking for person(s) to serve us while we continue our search for our called pastor.  We are at minimum searching for our pulpit to be filled on Sunday mornings with a spiritual message that is relevant to our daily lives.  At this time, we are flexible with the details of how this will work and pray that God will guide us through this journey.

"Faith, Family, Fellowship."  " A small church with a big heart."  These are words that have been used to describe our churches that have been built on generations of family throughout their rich histories. We would like members with young families to feel drawn to join in activities to continue their faith walk and start the journey for their children or possibly themselves.  We are looking for someone to help minister and be attentive to all members of the church, wherever we are on our faith journey.  We want to welcome a minister to join the community and participate in community activities.  Our future is bright- come be part of our family of faith.

For mor details contact:

Janet Kruger - Chairperson Pastor Search Committee                                                                                                                  Phone: 219-204-0111             E-mail: or




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