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Faith in Indiana

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Faith in Indiana unites tens of thousands of people across faith, race, and place to work together for racial and economic justice in Indiana.  


Since its founding in 2012, Faith in Indiana has grown from twenty congregations in a single city to six county chapters that engage more than 125 congregations and partner organizations. Faith in Indiana and its chapters are run and led by our grassroots leaders. At FaithIN we center the leadership of Black people, immigrants, Muslims, returning citizens, women, and young people, who are the drivers of our campaigns for restorative justice, immigrant inclusion, healthcare for all, a caring economy, and the freedom to vote.


In addition to believing strongly that power must be shared equitably in our organization and our society, we believe that leaders are developed, not born; and that relationships grounded in trust and vulnerability coupled with radical accountability and direct, courageous communication allow for each of us to bring our full, brilliant selves to the table. 


FaithIN understands we need a bigger more powerful social movement ecosystem in Indiana to achieve the change we want. That’s why we’ve helped to incubate a set of new organizations to put more power in the hands of ordinary people, including Act Indiana, a 501(c)4 sister organization, a voter engagement coordination hub, a communications hub, and more. 

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