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Master of Theological Studies


The Master of Theological Studies (MTS) degree is the ideal choice for a person preparing for doctoral studies; a lay leader desiring to improve his or her ability to serve a congregation or community; or a person wishing to pursue a passion for deeper knowledge and understanding. The insight and expanded view of theology gained through the MTS program can be applicable to nearly any walk of life, from attorneys to artists to lay leaders.

The MTS degree offers students a solid foundation in biblical, historical, theological and cultural studies, balanced equally with an in-depth study in one selected area. Diverse course offerings provide students with the opportunity to explore, for example, world religions, theological ethics, spirituality, the arts, the environment, religion and science, or religious anthropology.

As a part of their program, MTS students are required to participate in two colloquia designed specifically for the degree program that focus on a condensed special topic and assist students in developing research methodologies. Some recent examples of colloquia include:

• Forgiveness
• Mysticism and Contemplative Religion
• Nature, Art and Religion
• Theology and the Sciences of Human Experience

The MTS degree culminates with the writing of a thesis under the close direction of a faculty advisor. This degree is open to all who are interested in exploring religion, regardless of religious affiliation or practice.

• Students have the opportunity to study with nationally and internationally recognized scholars.
• The MTS offers a high degree of flexibility, offering students a voice in designing a curriculum that incorporates their personal interests and passions.
• The rigors of the MTS curriculum, as reported by graduates, prepare students for the written and reasoning demands of a doctoral program.
• Students will have the support of dedicated faculty, committed to helping them do their best work throughout the thesis process.

Those who want to combine advanced theological studies with preparation for professional ministry may want to consider our joint M.Div./MTS degree program.