A Step on the Journey

Last week students, alumni, staff, and faculty participated in an experimental art project here on campus. Large footprints were taped to the walls throughout the school inviting people to reflect on their own journey to and through CTS.

Each footprint asked a question:

  • What persons and places called you to your journey at CTS?
  • What event or experience calls forth a strong spiritual connection to CTS?
  • What gifts and graces has CTS given you to equip your for the longer journey?
  • What changes at CTS might be a loss for present or future generations of students?
  • What are your hopes and dreams for future CTS students?
  • How will you journey with CTS in the future?


A professional artist will use the six footprints to create an art piece to be featured in the new student lounge. Be sure to check it out once it is complete to see all of the responses!

Also, there is still time to contribute to the project. If you would like to do so, please email Martha Slocombe (mslocombe@cts.edu).