Student Council 2019-2020

CTS Student Council 2019-2020

Front Row: Allison Fishers-Mannies, Britton Shellhorn, Laura Beth Buchleiter
Back Row: Zack Cooke, Nicole Barnes, Allan Wallace, Leah Whitmire,Brianna Boswell

We, the Student Association of Christian Theological Seminary, adopt this Constitution for the following purposes:
  1. To provide an opportunity for all students to have a voice in the seminary’s life, as well as gaining vital leadership and community experience, through participation in the Student Association.
  2. To represent all students and actively advance their best interests spiritually, intellectually, physically, professionally, and socially.
  3. To promote joint cooperation between students, alumni, faculty, staff, and administration by developing an open channel of communication and creating an atmosphere of collegiality as we build the future of Christian Theological Seminary together.
  4. To create an efficient and sustainable organizational structure in order to ensure the ongoing fulfillment of these purposes from year to year and class to class.

If you have any questions about Student Council , please contact Student Council President, Laura Beth Buchleiter at LBuchleiter@cts.edu

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President:Laura Beth Buchleiter
Vice President:Allison Fishers-Mannies
Treasurer:Allan Wallace
Communications Director:Brianna Boswell
MDiv/MTS Representative:Nicole Barnes
MFT/MHC Representative:Zack Cooke
MDiv/MTS Representative:Britton Shellhorn
MFT/MHC Representative:Leah Whitmire