Life @ CTS

CTS is all about exploration, whether those sojourns are spiritual, intellectual or journeys around the vibrant community we call home.

Our contemplative campus setting belies its cloistered appearance. In fact, our location near the downtown of a major Midwestern city offers countless opportunities for cultural engagement, entertainment and field education within the surrounding communities. What’s more, our students’ wide variety of world views, religious backgrounds and outlooks provides you with a diverse family of peers from which you can draw inspiration and build relationships.

CTS is also a gathering place for nationally known educators, theologians, public servants and ethical leaders. We regularly host seminars, lectures and workshops highlighting religious and social topics of interest to contemporary audiences who respect a diversity of thought.

Whether you are a student living on campus or a visitor here for the first time, you will find a wealth of activities at CTS for both the mind and the spirit. See the links below for more information on our student resources and community offerings.

• Worship & Spiritual Life at CTS 
• Indianapolis and surrounding communities
• CTS Counseling Center 
• Congregational Resource Center
• Lifelong Theological Education
• Health & Safety
• Hospitality House
• Library
• Bookstore (Links to the Butler University Bookstore)
• Campus Safety