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Director of Youth and College Ministries Job Description

Position: A part-time time salaried ministry position (20 hrs week), focusing on ministry to youth 6th-12th Grade and college students, working with lay leadership in developing ministry strategies and plans, and playing a key role in implementing those plans through direct ministry to these groups. This position will also include some aspects of communications for the congregation related to online communication. This position will report directly to the Associate Pastor and Senior Pastor of Meridian Street United Methodist Church.

Primary focus of the Director of Youth, College, and Communication Ministry

  1. Build nurturing relationships with the youth and college students in the church family, and the students of Butler University.
  2. Introduce young people to living faith in Jesus Christ, equip them to serve the church, and to minister to/assist parents/guardians in raising their teenagers to a mature and lively faith.
  3. Be visible and available in the church and community through worship, representing Christ and the church, demonstrating care and graceful witness.
  4. Encourage and equip the whole church body to spiritual and relational participation in the youth and young adult ministries.
  5. Set the vision and goals for the youth (6th-12th Grade) and college ministries with a plan to work with the church staff and lay leaders to develop and implement an overall church wide strategy and specific action plans to further these objectives.
  6. Set the vision for the website and other online means of communication

Means through which primary focus should be met:

  1. Planning, conducting, coordinating, evaluating, selecting and providing resources for the church’s ministry to youth
    1. Weekly youth group meeting
    2. Weekly Sunday school gathering for youth
    3. Confirmation Classes along with the clergy
  2. Plan and facilitate the fellowship and sessions for the Butler United Methodist Student Movement
  3. Build and maintain relationships with youth and college students that are both in our church and community and outside our church community. Such touchpoint examples include:
    1. Vacation Bible School
    2. 1:1 and group interactions with the 3rd and 4th grade child members of MSUMC
    3. Engagement of CDI parents
    4. Fall and Summer Soccer Seasons at the MSUMC field
  4. Enlist the support of the broader church community to assist with ministry opportunities with the youth and college students
  5. Meet with the Youth Ministry Team periodically to schedule, plan, and carry out all youth ministry activities.  This includes delegating appropriate responsibilities to members of the Youth Ministry Team and other youth workers to carry out parts of those plans.
  6. Attend weekly worship
  7. Plan summer opportunities for service and fellowship among youth and young adults
  8. Update the church website (youth & college portion) weekly
  9. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites

Means through which the Director should equip for ministry:

  1. Keep a Spiritual Focus: Assure your ministry is grounded in the teaching of the United Methodist Church while allowing room for the students to grow in their own faith journey
  2. Recognizing the Challenges: Be sensitive and responsive to the life-shaping impact of choices and challenges for students in high school and college years in the broader cultural context: challenges to their faith, facing new levels of choices about life, vocational issues, parental relationships, and the contemporary college cultural challenges of abuse of drugs, alcohol, sexual relationships, depression, financial struggles.
  3. Staying Fresh: Develop awareness of youth and college ministry literature and personnel within local and national groups for insights, encouragement and spiritual foundations
  4. Guarding Your Heart: Maintain a persistent serious regiment of disciplines that will nourish your spiritual life, give you confidence in your faith and assurance in your ministry. Encourage others to pray for you, the ministry, and the students faithfully.

Administrative Responsibilities:

  1. Attend regularly and specially called staff meetings and retreats as needed or requested;
  2. Attend Church Council, Charge Conference and other meetings as needed or requested;
  3. Prepare, submit, and administer a youth budget and annual goals for the church fiscal year in consultation with the Youth Ministry Team, ministerial staff and Committee on Finance, and submit to the Church Council or Charge Conference;
  4. Prepare and submit an annual summary report of the mission, goals, plans and successes in youth ministry to the Charge Conference, and periodic summary reports to the Church Council as requested;
  5. Conduct the ministry in compliance with the MSUMC Safe Sanctuary policies.
  6. Establish metrics of engagement and touchpoints with families and children who are in the Youth and College Ministry today and those we can target to grow in these ministries in the future
  7. Any other tasks assigned by the Sr. Pastor.

Staff Relationships:

  1. The Director of Youth Ministries is hired by the Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) and reports to the SPRC through a liaison.
  2. The Director of Youth Ministries shall perform the above responsibilities under the direction and supervision of the Associate and Senior Pastors, complying with the employee policies of Meridian Street UMC.
  3. The Director of Youth Ministries shall meet with the Associate Pastor for clarification of the vision for this ministry, strategic planning, and for guidance, prayer and support. (This may also be done through phone contacts and email.)
  4. The Director of Youth Ministries shall be evaluated annually by the Associate Pastor, with input from the SPRC liaison. (Questions or problems related to the job should be first discussed with the Associate and Senior Pastors.)
  5. The SPRC will also be available to provide support and hear concerns.

Salary Grade:

As recommended by the SPRC and established by the annual Charge Conference or Church Council.  Half-time salaried position.  Minimum hours per week: 20 hours. There will be some variation in hours worked between ministry areas with the understanding that some weeks will be heavier in one area than another. Compensation will be reviewed at the end of every year in the annual review.

Terms of Continuing Employment:

Continuing employment is subject to satisfactory job performance as determined by the SPRC and continued funding.

This position of employment is “at will” as defined by SPRC.   As such it may be ended by either party, at any time, for any reason or for no stated reason.

Records and Materials:

  1. The Employee agrees that all materials, resources, and computer programs purchased by the Employer as well as all records, print or electronic data, pertaining to the work of the Director of Youth and University Ministries’ position are property of Meridian Street United Methodist Church.
  2. The Employee agrees that all equipment provided by Meridian Street United Methodist Church remains property of MSUMC.

Vacation and Other Considerations:

  1. Benefits as outline in employee handbook.


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