CTS IT Help Desk

How to contact the Help Desk

Phone: (317) 449-2288
Email: helpdesk@cts.edu

For after hours requests: please call the Help Desk phone line and leave a voicemail with your name, callback number, and the nature of your issue, and a team member will respond as quickly as possible.

When to contact the Help Desk

The CTS Help Desk staff is available during regular campus hours, to assist with any issues related to course, campus or classroom technology. This includes issues related to logging into the CTS portal, Populi, email, printing, or any other tools you would access and use for coursework.

If you are having an issue with the classroom technology in either the CTS dedicated classroom spaces, or the shared classroom spaces, please contact the CTS Help Desk first. If the issue requires the involvement of Butler support, the Help Desk team will coordinate that on your behalf.

When NOT to contact the Help Desk

For issues related to the campus building and facilities (i.e. building access, restrooms, general cleaning, parking, vermin, etc), please contact the Butler Facilities Department using their online form at www.butler.edu/fixmybutler or by calling (317) 940-9393.

For requests related to events, online forms, or the website, please contact the CTS Communications team using the Communications Request form in the CTS Portal, or via email at communications@cts.edu.

Common Questions

How do I reset my CTS password?
Use the Forgot my Password link at the CTS Portal Login page (portal.cts.edu), or contact the Help Desk using the above mentioned contact information.

I can’t reach the Portal! How can I get to CTS Tools?
While we recommend using the Portal, if you’re unable to reach it, try clicking the links below to reach our tools directly:

Outlooklogo - Web Portals for Microsoft Office 365 Populi - Online LMS | Universal Career Academy
Zoom for CTS VMware Horizon

How long after graduating or leaving a program, will I be able to access my CTS resources and information?
For 6 months following the exit of programs at CTS, you will continue to have access to all the same tools and software. After that, you will still be able to login to Populi to view your coursework and transcript, but all other tools (email, printing, etc) will be disabled.

Can I host my own meetings with my CTS Zoom account?
Per the student handbook, CTS technology, including Zoom, should not be used for activities unrelated to CTS. While we do not actively monitor student activity in Zoom, please know your account is provided for the purposes of attending CTS sponsored activities only (courses, meetings, chapel, etc.). If you want to meet or collaborate with other students, we encourage you to use Microsoft Teams (available in the CTS Portal, under the Microsoft Office folder).