Faith & Action Resources

Midtown Magazine Midtown Magazine March 3, 2020
Changing the Poverty Narrative
By Dan Carpenter
Indianapolis Recorder, May 9, 2019
Father Greg Boyle tells the people: Go to the margins to be changed
By Tyler Fenwick
Indianapolis Business Journal, February 20, 2019
Mike Smith: Greet “Alice” and her companion, poverty, with compassion
By Mike Smith
Indianapolis Recorder, October 25, 2018
Battle against poverty more than economics; it's moral and spiritual
By Oseye Boyd
reading list A suggested reading list from your 2018 Faith & Action fall event panelists:

  1. A Framework for Understanding Poverty by Ruby K. Payne

  2. Confronting Suburban Poverty in America by Elizabeth Kneebone and Alan Berube

  3. The Coming Jobs War by Jim Clifton

  4. Men without Work: America’s Invisible Crisis by Nicholas Eberstadt

  5. Capital in the 21st Century by Thomas Piketty  London: Cambridge, 2014

  6. Stuck in Place: Urban Neighborhoods and the End of Progress toward Racial Equality, by Patrick Sharkey, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2013

  7. Moral Politics: How Liberals and Conservatives Think by George Lakoff , Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2016

  8. The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America by Richard Rothstein, New York: LiveRight Publishing,  2017

  9. White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide by Carol Anderson, USA: Bloomsbury Publishers, 2016

RTV6, September 5, 2018
Indy homeless youth center receives $20,000 grant to help change lives
By Derrick Thomas
The Indianapolis Star, September 1, 2018
How a Carmel couple found a sense of community on the east side of Indianapolis
By Maureen Gilmer
Indianapolis Business Journal, August 31, 2018
Faith & Action grants confront poverty
By Mike Smith
Midtown Magazine Midtown Magazine August 14, 2018
Faith & Action grants confront poverty
By Dan Carpenter
Indianapolis Business Journal, August 10, 2018
Mayor Joe Hogsett tries to chip away at poverty
Story by Hayleigh Colombo
Indianapolis Recorder, August 9, 2018
Newly Opened Multi-use Facility Seeks to Enhance Community
Story by Mariah Lee
IndyStar, May 28, 2018
Pulliam: Indy's fight to revitalize neighborhoods
Story by Pulliam
April 19, 2018
No Limits: Poverty in Indiana
Hosted by John Krull
AM1310-TheLight April 16, 2018
Push Back Poverty with Faith and Action
Hosted by Christian Theological Seminary
NUVO logo NUVO, April 21, 2018
Pushing Back Poverty: Faith & Action Conference Focuses on Solutions
Story by Michael Dabney
Lumina Foundation Today's Students, Tomorrow's Talent, December 4, 2017
Addressing hate — Lumina’s response
Blog post by Jamie Merisotis, President and CEO of Lumina Foundation
Brookings, September 8, 2017
6 points on race and culture from JD Vance and William Julius Wilson
By Camille Busette, Richard V. Reeves, and Eleanor Krause
RTV6, August 15, 2017
Building Wood Products and Rebuilding Lives
Video by WRTV Reporter Derek Thomas
The Atlantic, April 28, 2017
Escaping Poverty Requires Almost 20 Years With Nearly Nothing Going Wrong
By Gillian B. White 2017 Spring Conference
Brookings, March 31, 2017
U.S. concentrated poverty in the wake of the Great Recession
By Elizabeth Kneebone and Natalie Holmes
The Indianapolis Recorder, March 2, 2017
Putting solutions in place: Leaders will meet at CTS to address poverty
By Brandon A. Perry
The Indianapolis Star, February 21, 2017
Abdul: Fight poverty with common sense
Opinion by Abdul-Hakim Shabazz
The New York Times, May 21, 2015
The Power of Hope Is Rea
Opinion by Nicholas Kristof
The Indianapolis Business Journal, November 26, 2016
Poverty report is wake-up call
Opinion by IBJ Staff
Modern Healthcare, November 19, 2016
America's Pain
Opinion by Merrill Goozner
The Washington Post, August 31, 2016
Is ending poverty impossible?
Opinion By Robert J. Samuelson
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, July 6, 2016
Wanted: Creative Research—From Any Field—Revealing What Makes Everyone In America Healthier
Opinion by Claire Gibbons
The Indianapolis Star, August 17, 2017
Indy Furniture Maker Gives Addicts, Others a Second Chance
By Maureen C. Gilmer