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Counseling Center Special Events

Every year the Counseling Center host two events for the broader Indianapolis community

Couple’s Check Ups

Central Indiana couples can invest in the health of their relationship all month long by attending a free Couple’s Check-Up screening offered by the Counseling Center at Christian Theological Seminary. Free screenings will be offered on a walk-in basis on dates that will be announced each year and complimentary screenings are also available by appointment throughout February. The screenings help couples nurture their emotional connection and enhance intimacy by identifying opportunities to improve communication and empathy.

Depression Screenings

The Christian Theological Seminary Counseling Center offers free depression screenings by appointment throughout the month of October, and free drop-in screenings on National Depression Screening Day (dates vary by year). While screenings have become a routine part of individuals’ physical health care regimens, many people do not include depression screenings as part of their mental self care — even when symptoms of depression are present. Research finds that two-thirds of individuals suffering from depression do not seek treatment.