Faith & Action News September 2021

Wisdom if We Seek Transformation Unacceptable Fact of the Month: While many employers pledge to push starting pay to $15 an hour, Indiana’s legal minimum wage remains at the $7.25 enacted in 2008—even though the widely cited  Living Wage Calculator created by MIT professor and economist Amy Glasmeier suggests that a living wage for a single […]

Faith & Action News August 2021

Love is the motive, but justice is the instrument. – Reinhold Niebuhr Unacceptable Fact of the Month: While StatsIndiana puts Indianapolis’ poverty rate at 15.2%, IndyVitals notes that some neighborhoods post poverty rates of nearly 40% – and those neighborhoods are sometimes adjacent to ones with single-digit rates.  IndyVitals At CTS we believe that poverty […]

Faith & Action News June 2021

Get Inspired to Change the Narrative Unacceptable Fact of the Month: Only 17.7 percent of unemployed Indiana workers received unemployment insurance benefits in 2019, for a ranking of 40th in the nation. In New Jersey, the No. 1 state for unemployment insurance, 57.2% of the unemployed receive benefits.  TalkPoverty.org As we pursue lasting solutions to […]