Are You Free?

Are you hindering someone else’s freedom? Are you even free yourself? In his new book Freedom in Resistance and Creative Transformation, CTS Professor Michael Miller argues that despite the claimed importance of freedom in the Christian faith—not to mention a host of other secular settings—there continues to be interpersonal, socio-political, and religious power hierarchies that […]

A New CTS Vision

Commencement celebrations at CTS this spring are about more than mortar boards and matriculates. The seminary is also celebrating the commencement of a new CTS Vision. Read the entire document: A Strategic Vision for CTS (PDF). Below, CTS President Matthew Myer Boulton elaborates on the Vision Document recently approved by the CTS Board of Trustees. […]

The Stone-Campbell Movement: A Global History is published

The publication of The Stone-Campbell Movement: A Global History concludes a seven-year journey for Scott Seay, Christian Theological Seminary Associate Professor of the History of Global Christianity. Professor Seay served as managing editor of the book, working with general editors D. Newell Williams, Douglas A. Foster and Paul M. Blowers, as well as 10 contributing […]

The Dream Today

Fifty years after the April 12, 1963, Good Friday arrest of Martin Luther King in Birmingham, Alabama—where he famously penned, “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”—Christian Theological Seminary (CTS) commemorated the half-century anniversary of a momentous year in the American Civil Rights movement. Some of the world’s most renowned and influential thought leaders on Dr. King’s […]