Denominational Scholarships + Other Private Scholarships

Denominational + Private Scholarships

You are urged to contact your denominational office to inquire about support which they may be able to provide for your attendance at CTS. The following organizations have notified our office of these outside scholarship resources.

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Scholarship and Grants:

Ministerial Student Grant
Disciples Home Missions Scholarships and Loans (Various)
Phillips University Legacy Foundation Seminary Scholarship (1st year students)
Charles F. Schwab Ministerial Scholarship (Georgia Disciples)

United Methodist Scholarship and Grants:

General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (Various)
Georgia Harkness Scholarship Award (UMC Women over 35-MDIV)

United Church of Christ Scholarships:

UCC Scholarship for Seminarians (Various)

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.):

Graduate/theological programs (Various)

American Baptist:

American Baptists Scholarships (Various)

Miscellaneous Outside Scholarships and Grants:

FTE Ministry Fellowship Award (Entering second-year students)
Opal Dancey Memorial Foundation (Great Lakes Region-MDIV)
USA Funds Scholarship

There are also several companies that can help you search for outside scholarships. Listed below are some free search services.


Beware of companies that charge a fee for their services. Most reputable companies will not charge you a fee for their scholarships.