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CTS Grants & Scholarships

As part of our commitment to make your seminary education affordable, CTS has two scholarship programs for new students: Impact Scholarships and Named Merit Scholarships. All incoming students are considered for these merit-based awards as part of the admissions process.

CTS Scholarships are awarded to full-time, degree-seeking candidates who have been admitted for first-time enrollment into a CTS degree program. Your admissions application will serve as your CTS scholarship application. Current Master of Divinity students are also eligible to participate in our Saltsburg Second Chance Scholarship program (See table below).

Here are some details you need to know about CTS Scholarships:

  • You are considered for scholarships at the time of the initial admission to your first degree program (except for the Saltsburg Second Chance Scholarship).
  • The number of scholarships is limited, and recipients are selected on merit.
  • To receive a scholarship, you may not: be in default on a federal loan(s); owe a repayment(s) on a federal grant; or have a past due balance with CTS.
  • All of our scholarships require you to take 18 hours per academic year or 9 credit hours per semester. There are two exceptions to this rule. First, if a hardship arises, you may apply for approval to take fewer than 9 credit hours for one semester and still receive scholarship support. Second, if you receive an Impact Scholarship as a part-time student, you only have to enroll in 6 credit hours per semester.
  • Scholarships pay CTS tuition charges. They do not pay for fees (technology fee, student association fee, counseling practicum fees, CPE hospital fee, etc.). Scholarship stipends may be used to pay fees.
  • Your CTS scholarship will not pay for any coursework that you take at another institution.
See Available Scholarships
Award NameDegree ProgramAmountSpecial RequirementGPA RequirementTerm of Award
The Pastoral Excellence ScholarshipMDiv & Dual DegreesContact Admissions for informationOffered to students who have shown high academic achievement and commitment to preparation for ordained ministry in a congregation.High Academic AchievementUp to 90 credit hours
DOC/UCC ScholarshipMDivFull TuitionFor members of the Disciples of Christ (Christian Church) or the United Church of Christ.Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0Up to 6 years to complete degree
Impact ScholarshipAll Degree Programs50-100%N/AN/A48-72 credit hours
DOC/UCC Impact ScholarshipMDiv50-100%N/AN/A72 credit hours
Thomas and Virginia LiggettMDiv, MTSFull TuitionDOC and UCC members3.1 on previous coursework48-72 credit hours
Clementine Miller TangemanMDivFull Tuition & Annual StipendN/A3.5 on previous coursework; must maintain 3.372 credit hours
Grover L. & Annabel S. HartmanMDivFull Tuition & $4,000 Annual StipendN/A3.5 on previous coursework; must maintain 3.372 credit hours
Olberta NobleMDivFull Tuition & Annual StipendDOC and UCC members3.5 on previous coursework; must maintain 3.372 credit hours
W. Brooks & Wanda Y. FortuneMDivFull Tuition & Annual StipendN/A3.5 on previous coursework; must maintain 3.372 credit hours
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.All Degree ProgramsFull TuitionRacial minority (U.S. citizen or resident alien)3.0 on previous coursework; must maintain 3.048-72 credit hours
Daughters & Sons of Christian Church (DOC Ministers)All Degree ProgramsFull TuitionDaughter or son of ordained DOC ministerMust maintain 2.548-72 credit hours
D. Renee Pugh M.D. and James GaynorCounseling and Dual Degree CounselingFull Tuition & Annual StipendRacial minority (U.S. citizen or resident alien)3.5 on previous coursework; must maintain 3.3Degree Dependent
Saltsburg Second ChanceMDiv & Dual DegreeFull TuitionFull-time student who has completed 30hrs of coursework toward MDiv degree; did not receive a 75% or higher merit scholarship upon first admission to CTS3.5 on previous coursework1 year
Frederick F. Kershner GrantMDiv, MAMCE, MTS, MAMFT, MAMHC, all Dual Degrees1/4 TuitionFinancial need as demonstrated by FAFSAN/AAnnual renewable
CTS Grant-in-AidMDiv, MAMCE, MTS, MAMFT, MAMHC, all Dual DegreesVaryingFinancial need as demonstrated by FAFSAN/AAnnual renewable