Additional Loan Programs

Additional Loan Programs

Denominational Loans

Many denominations provide loans. Contact your denominational office for more information.

United Methodist Loans

Loans are available to United Methodist students through the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry. Applications may be obtained by contacting the Board of Higher Education and Ministry.

CTS Emergency Loans

Christian Theological Seminary has been given funds from which students who are admitted to a degree program may borrow on a short-term basis. The typical maximum is $300 and the maximum repayment period is 90 days. These funds are for emergency purposes only and cannot be used to pay debts owed to the seminary. Students are limited to one loan per enrollment period. All previous emergency loans must be paid in full. The funds include the F.E. Davison Memorial Loan Fund, George E. Spear Memorial Loan Fund and Frank H. Brown, D.V.M., Memorial Loan Fund. Contact the CTS Financial Aid Office if you wish to borrow from this program.