Supervised Ministry for Churches

Application for Teaching Congregations and Agencies

Thank you for your interest in the Supervised Ministry program at Christian Theological Seminary.  We seek to prepare women and men for faithful, imaginative and effective leadership in the church and community.  At CTS, we depend on and deeply value congregations, judicatories, denominations and agencies that provide students with a breadth and depth of ministry experience offer timely and direct feedback, and engage students in intentional reflection on their emerging identity as ministers.

We partner with ministry sites from a wide variety of church traditions and contexts.  At the same time, our students reflect a wide range of diversity, both in terms of who they are as people and in their anticipated vocational paths.  The students have enrolled at CTS because they see themselves preparing for some form of ministry, but the journeys and callings vary widely.

The Supervised Ministry Staff looks forward to becoming acquainted with prospective congregations and agencies and whenever possible, discerning ways that we can work with you in creating a strong teaching and learning environment at your ministry site for CTS students.  The process begins by completing this application and submitting it to the Supervised Ministry Office.  After that, a Supervised Ministry staff person will contact your congregation or agency and arrange a meeting with the pastor or executive director.

When your congregation or agency is approved as a Supervised Ministry site, the Supervised Ministry staff will send you a resume and a ministry statement that describes the student’s journey of students who are interested in your position. At that point, the congregation or agency decides which they wish to interview and might lead to a call to serve in that congregation or agency.

Please complete the application to begin the process of having a Supervised Ministry Student.  Thank you for your interest.