Clinical Pastoral Education

Christian Theological Seminary is affiliated with the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education. Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) offers supervised experience in pastoral care. CPE experience is highly recommended in preparation for careers in congregational ministry, chaplaincy and counseling and is generally offered in hospital settings, though outpatient and congregational settings are also available.

CPE programs are offered in conjunction with accredited training centers including:

IU Health
St. Vincent Hospital
Deaconess Hospital, Evansville
Community Howard Regional Health, Kokomo
Lutheran Hospital and Parkview Memorial Hospital, Fort Wayne
Saint Joseph Care Group, South Bend

The student may receive certification by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education as well as academic credit from the seminary for this work. In addition to preparing students for parish or specialized ministry, CPE is recommended for ministers seeking continuing education. Registration may be on a non-academic basis or for academic credit. Duly registered special students may later request transfer of academic credit to a degree program. Counseling students are encouraged to take CPE before applying to the counseling practicum. Contact the Supervised Ministry office for CPE information.

Level I, Level II CPE

A clinical pastoral education unit may be taken as a standard 10 to 12-week summer program, as an extended one-and-a-half-day to two-day per week program for 30 weeks during the school year, or as negotiated. The unit introduces the student to emotional and spiritual factors in illness and health as well as interprofessional ethics. It affords supervised experience in pastoral care.

Specific outcomes for completion of Level I and Level II CPE are available in the Supervised Ministry office.


  • Completion of at least one academic year of theological education
  • Fulfillment of requirements set by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education
  • Consent of the chaplain supervisor

Note: One unit of CPE entitles currently enrolled students to 6 semester hours of credit with payment of tuition at the off-campus rate. Students who want to receive academic credit must register for P-800, 801; P-802, 803; or P-804, 805, as appropriate. To issue academic credit for CPE, the registrar must receive written evaluations from the student and the CPE supervisor and an issued letter grade from the supervisor. Students must sign an authorization form (also available in the registrar’s office) for the CPE supervisor to provide such an evaluation and grade.

Supervisory Clinical Pastoral Education

Advanced Clinical Pastoral Training opportunities are available in the Indianapolis area for a student to pursue supervisory CPE training. Chaplaincy internships and residencies are also available. Further information about these programs is available from the Supervised Ministry office or the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education .