FAQs: Academic calendar

FAQs: Academic calendar

What are the highlights of the academic calendar for 2016-2017?
CTS offers courses in three formats:

    1. These courses (with a couple of exceptions) meet once a week for three hours, over a 14-week span. These include daytime and nighttime classes.
    2. Weeklong Intensives: These courses meet all day, every weekday for a week.
    3. Saturday Courses: These courses meet all day on four Saturdays, over an 8- to 9-week span.

Some elective courses in the Weeklong Intensive format are “Immersion Courses,” which may be offered in a location other than Indianapolis. These allow all MDiv students an opportunity to immerse themselves in communities away from your home. (The exact dates and sites are still being determined. Students who choose to travel to Indianapolis or other cities will be responsible for their own travel and housing expenses.)

The calendar is based on a semester system. The Fall semester begins in August and ends in December. The Spring semester begins in January and ends in May. Summer sessions are also offered. Classes do not meet during Thanksgiving week or Holy Week.

CTS has designed recommended pathways through the degree programs for three types of students: those who live on or near our Indianapolis campus, those who live in or near Central Indiana and can commute to campus, and those who live elsewhere in the U.S. or the world. However, these are just suggestions. Students can mix and match according to their own needs.

Why has CTS designed the academic calendar in this way? 
Our new calendar is designed to lower financial, scheduling and geographical barriers that would prevent students from earning their degree at CTS.

To help CTS continue to expand our learning community, our programming must be affordable, accessible and flexible. Our new calendar accommodates students who work full-time or part-time, and those who combine ministry with other work. It allows students to meet family obligations. It welcomes students who identify strongly with CTS’ outlook but live far away. It allows students to work with faculty members to tailor coursework to particular vocations, or to passions and interests they may want to explore as they discern their calling. Offering courses across these various formats allows students in different life situations to become part of the CTS community.

CTS believes excellent theological education should be available for every qualified applicant interested in being formed as a disciple of Jesus Christ for church and community leadership to serve God’s transforming of the world.

What might a pathway of courses through the MDiv look like for me as a student …

    • living on or near campus?

Students living on or near our Indianapolis campus are in a good position to take advantage of all the course formats and all that CTS has to offer. Those with flexible work and family schedules will find you have many options for a pathway through the MDiv. All students take the five required Gateway courses in their first four semesters, and can begin elective courses that do not have pre-requisites at any time.

    • living in the region but still commuting?

If you live in or near central Indiana and plan to commute to CTS regularly, you also have many options for various formats and course offerings. Some courses meet more frequently than others (e.g. 14-week courses meet once a week, but Saturday courses only meet on four Saturdays in an 8 to 9-week span), so you will want to consider how frequently you can travel.

    • living elsewhere in the U.S. or world?

For students who live in other places, we offer a tailored pathway for you, including Weeklong Intensive courses and Saturday-based courses scheduled in proximity to those weeklong courses. For example, if you take four weeklong trips per year to CTS classes, you can complete the MDiv degree in four years. Travel will generally be in August, October, January/February and March/April.

Are Weeklong Intensive courses required, and how many will I have to take per year?
Some required Gateway courses are in the Weeklong Intensive format. In the first four semesters you will be required to take all five Gateway courses, with three of those in the Weeklong Intensive format. Elective courses are yours to choose.

May I participate in courses of any format via online technology only?
While online tools are used in most courses, the formats that use these tools most extensively are the Saturday courses and Weeklong Intensive courses. However, these formats do require face-to-face engagement as well.

Will Gateway courses (or any course) be offered in multiple formats? 
Over the span of several (two or more) years, one course may be offered in different formats. However, the same course will not be offered in different formats at the same time, nor in successive semesters.