1. As the student’s site supervisor, do I need to have students record counseling sessions and review recordings with students?
No, since students do the majority of their clinical work for training at the CTS Counseling Center and review recordings in CTS supervision, off-site supervisors do not need to require recordings and do not need to review any recordings.

2. When should I contact the faculty supervisor?
Please feel free to contact the faculty supervisor at anytime during the semester. We want to have a collaborative working relationship and be proactive in all situations. We ask that you always contact us when you have any questions, concerns, or dispositional issues with the student.

3. How can I contact the faculty supervisor?
Please feel free to call the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program Director at 317-931-2346 or contact any of us directly. Please find our contact information under the “Contact Us” tab of these counseling supervision web pages.

4. At the end of the semester, how should I turn in the student’s evaluation form?
Please email your signed evaluation form directly to the Program Director at mbeier@cts.edu. You may also mail the form to our office. The mailing address is: Dr. Matthias Beier, CMHC Program Director, Christian Theological Seminary, 1050 W 42nd St., Indianapolis, IN 46208 (the form is found under the tab CMHC Supervision Documents)

5. Will CTS faculty offer trainings for supervisors?
Yes. CTS faculty supervisors will offer regular supervisory trainings for off-site supervisors.

6. Will trainings for supervisors provide CE?
Some trainings will provide CEs, when indicated.