Mission Statement

Christian Theological Seminary is a graduate school of theology related to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and serving the whole people of God.

Consistent with Scripture and the best of the Christian tradition, the community of faith and learning at CTS strives to embody the following core values:

All people are created in the image of God, and therefore have inherent worth and dignity

  • At CTS we believe that God creates, loves, and gives purpose to all people and that this is the ultimate source of their undeniable value and self-worth. The worth and dignity of all people are absolutes; they do not depend on variables such as race or ethnicity, gender or sexuality, wealth, intelligence, moral virtue, religion, ability, or social standing. We believe that the proper response to being created in God’s image is to live gratefully in relationships with one another that promote both self-respect and respect for others.

The Diversity of the human community is a Gift from God, and an indispensable resource in preparation for responsible ministry

  • “Open to all persons on an equal basis” from the beginning, the community at CTS continues to grow in our appreciation for diversity of all kinds. More than presence only, diversity contributes indispensably to faith and learning at CTS because we value the traditions, experiences, and beliefs of all as we engage in respectful dialogue and cooperation across our differences. At CTS we strive to practice the art of Christian hospitality: to love one another as Jesus Christ commands, celebrate one another, and in humility learn from one another.

Preparation for ministry should be Intellectually Rigorous, Spiritually Formative, and Emotionally Supportive

  • At CTS, we expect that students will learn to engage their faith in ways that are informed, clear, critical, and compelling. We understand that this is often a transformative process, as students are asked to question their embedded theologies and practices, consider alternatives, and even change. Recognizing that Christian faith and life is not a matter of the intellect only, we encourage deep spiritual formation as well, supporting one another both in the joy of new discoveries and in the pain of letting go.

Working toward Justice for All is an imperative of Christian faith and life

  • At CTS we believe that, as God has done through the ages, God continually beckons us back to core responsibilities of our faith: to listen to the voices of people long silenced, join in solidarity with the impoverished and oppressed, expose systems of injustice even when we benefit from them, and announce hope for a future defined by God’s standards of justice. From its abolitionist beginnings to its current advocacy on behalf of immigrant and racial and ethnic minority communities, the impoverished, and LGBTQ persons, and our commitment to restoring respectful relationships between Christians, Jews, Muslims, and those of other religious traditions, we respond to the call of God through Spirit-inspired, faithful prophets, both within the CTS community and outside it.

Promoting Healing and Wholeness throughout Creation is one way we participate in God’s work.

  • At CTS, we believe that healing and wholeness carries diverse connotations: physical cure, psychological well-being, spiritual renewal, forgiveness and reconciliation, communal restoration, and ecological rejuvenation. In all its expressions, healing and wholeness are possible because of God’s redeeming and liberating love in Jesus Christ. We strive to prepare leaders with the Spirit-given compassionate fortitude, moral vision, and professional competence to participate in God’s work of healing and wholeness throughout creation.


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