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About Christian Theological Seminary

Christian Theological Seminary is a fully accredited ecumenical graduate school located in Indianapolis, IN related to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  We offer graduate-level degree programs, each rooted in a rich history of biblical scholarship, theological openness, and spiritual discernment.

Our mission is simple:  to form disciples of Jesus Christ for church and community leadership to serve God’s transforming of the world.  How we fulfill that mission, however, is what sets CTS apart.

Here is a campus steeped in ancient ideas and practices, yet reinventing tradition every day.  Here is a school where service is as essential as spirituality, and dialogue is as crucial as dogma.  In a world that is always asking new questions, CTS is continually looking for ways to imagine and engage new answers, even as we stay true to the progressive values that have guided Christian communities for centuries.

CTS is a sanctuary that welcomes both peacemakers and troublemakers, since we recognize they are often one and the same.  As long as you are open to spiritual growth, academic rigor, and the joys of discovering new friends and ancient wisdom, you will find a home at CTS.

Don’t just go to seminary.  Dive into God’s world. 

Welcome to Christian Theological Seminary.