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Instructions for Song Submissions

In accord with this purpose, entries must be:
  • Original
  • Indiana-focused though adaptable to other contexts.
  • Easy to remember and sing so it can be sung a cappella during marches, at protests, on bicycle rides, on the bus and strolling down the avenue.
  • Have lyrics that unite, not divide; inspire, not blame.
Please submit your entry by posting a private video of your song on YouTube and completing the registration form here.  Include the YouTube link on the registration form. Written lyrics as well as the YouTube submission must be provided.

Finalists must agree to perform their song at a concert on April 22 at 7 pm at Christian Theological Seminary and at the Earth Day Festival in White River State Park on the following Saturday afternoon, April 25.  A house band will be provided to perform the song.

Submissions will be received between November 15, 2014 and February 15, 2015.  A group of judges will choose up to ten finalists to perform their songs on April 22 and 25.  The three winners will be chosen by a combination of audience (40%) and judges (60%) voting on April 22.  The judges will have heard the songs during the initial screening as well as at the concert April 22.

First Prize is $1,200, Second Prize is $800, and Third Prize is $500.

One submission per songwriter.  There is no entry fee for submitting a song.