500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation Panel

Christian Theological Seminary and the Liberty Fund will host three events in 2017 exploring how the Protestant Reformation continues to impact faith, civil and secular communities 500 years after the momentous movement transformed the Christian church. Open to the public, the first panel discussion titled, “The Continuing Significance of the Protestant Reformation” will be held on Friday, March 31, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. in Christian Theological Seminary’s Shelton Auditorium.

A panel of renowned theologians and academics will address themes surrounding the Protestant Reformation. Panelists and their respective topics include:

Lea F. Schweitz, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, “Reforming our Reformation Visions of Nature”
Brad S. Gregory, University of Notre Dame, “The Inescapable Significance of the Reformation”
Derek Nelson, Wabash College, “The Structure of Social Revolutions”

Daniel L. Dreisbach, American University, “From Reformation to Political Self-Government: The Legacy of the Protestant Reformation in American Political Culture”

“A half-millennium after Martin Luther’s publishing of the 95 Theses prompted a revolution within the Church, the influence of the Reformation continues to impact worship, politics and civil liberties in communities around the globe,” said Rob Saler, Executive Director of the Center for Pastoral Excellence at CTS and Research Professor of Lutheran Studies.

The March 31 event is free of charge, open to the public and will include a reception following the panel conversation. Advance registration is not required.

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