CTS Chapel Sermons

Many of our recent sermons have been captured on video for your enjoyment and edification. 

Sweeney Chapel Worship

The service of Word and Table (Holy Communion) takes place every Wednesday AM during the academic year and is a full and joyful gathering of the CTS community. Services begin at 11:30 am  (unless otherwise indicated) and are open to the public. Please join us! Note: unfermented wine (grape juice) is used during communion.

Special Worship Events
The CTS community also gathers for worship on a variety of special occasions prompted by conferences, convocations, and continuing education events. In October, near the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, we have a service that includes the Blessing of the Animals, and in December, we have a special service of Advent Lessons and Carols.

CTS Musicians
CTS has a community of singers and other musicians who share in worship leadership and occasional concert programs. For more information about chapel music and how to get involved, please contact Brenda Freije, Interim Director of the Chapel. Worship leaders, musicians and the community choir gather at 11:00 am in Room B-29, 30 minutes before the start of worship in the chapel to prepare for worship.

2017 Spring Chapel Schedule: 

Date Speaker Presider
Rev. Dr. Bill Kincaid Rev. Dr. Leah Gunning Francis
2/1/2017 Rev. Charles Webb Rev. Shannon Dycus
2/8/2017 Rev. Rae Karim Rev. Steve Garret
2/15/2017 Rev. Anita Cobb tbd
2/22/2017 Dr. David Hampton Rev. Ronnie Bell
3/1/2017 Rev. Aleze M. Fulbright Callie Smith
3/8/2017 Reading Week - No chapel n/a
3/15/2017 Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins Rev. Sarah Ginolfi
3/22/2017 Rev. Dr. Stephanie Crowder Rev. Toni Colbert
3/29/2017 Bishop Julius C. Trimble Rev. Diane Spleth
4/5/2017 Rev Andrew Scanlon Holmes Rev. Dr. Rob Saler
4/12/2017 Easter Break - No chapel n/a
4/19/2017 CTS Student: Milton Keys President Matthew Boulton
4/26/2017 Rev. Bob Chase Rev. Dr. Carol Johnston
5/3/2017 Rev.Dr. Alan Boesak Rev. Monique Crain Spells


Sermons available on our YouTube sermon playlist. Podcasts are also available on
iTunes and Stitcher .

 Past Sermons:

Date Preacher Sermon Title (YouTube Link) Duration Podcast
Spring 2017
2/1/2017 Rev. Charles Webb Humility 30:33  
2/8/2017 Rev. Rae Karim We Have Always Been Enough 17:00  
2/15/2017 Rev. Anita Cobb Don't Go Back 15:33  
2/22/2017 Rev. Dr. David Hampton #BlackLivesMatter is a Cry for Equity 16:12

Fall 2016
8/25/2016 CTS President Matthew Myer Boulton For you Always have the Poor with You  31:57  
8/31/2016 Dean Leah Gunning Francis Stay Awake at the Wheel!  20:47  
9/7/2016 Dr. Robert Saler Wierd Economics  14:35  
9/14/2016 Rev. Dr. Miguel De La Torre Can We Share our Food at the Table? 14:19
11/9/2016 Rev. Brian Williams Renewing Imagination  23:40  

Spring 2016
5/20/16 Rev. Joel C. Hunter No Video (Podcast Only) 33:26  
4/27/16 Rev. Judy Fackenthal Open Hearts, Open Minds 17:50  
4/20/16 Discipleship Project Cohort 2 Three Sermonettes 22:08
4/13/16 Judy Goodrow Go for I am Giving You the Land 19:11  
3/30/16 Rev. Martin Wright Madmen, Beggars and Wannabe Thieves 22:00  
3/9/16 Dr. Rick Lowery Quenched by Waters Unforeseen 28:40  
3/3/16 Dr. Leah Gunning Francis The Manna has Stopped 12:10  
2/17/16 Rev. Shannon Dycus Gathered In Her Wings 17:30  
2/10/16 Rev. Dr. Preston Adams III The Alarm has Sounded 15:40  
2/3/16 Rev. Dr. William Barber II America has a Heart Problem! 44:53  
1/27/16 CTS President Matthew Myer Boulton No One Comes to the Father Except Through Me 30:04


Fall 2015
12/2/2015 Rev. Jeremiah Gibbs   Pending  
Rev. Sarah Lund Thanksgiving 23:42  
11/4/2015 Nick Green (Fall 2015 M.Div Candidate) The Birth of a Prophet 20:01  
Chimiste Doriscar (Fall 2015 M.Div Candidate) Grace Speaker and Grace Giver 23:38  
Rev. Timothy James Something Better 20:28  
Dr. Suzanne Coyle Spiritual Narratives 27:57  
10/7/2015 Rev. Callie Smith What Would it be Like if You Were Amos 10:24  
9/30/15 Dr. Frank Thomas Psalm 139:17 & 18 23:34  
9/23/15 Rev. Fernando Rodriguez Where We Were Meant to Be 24:00  
9/16/15 Professor Allan Aubrey Boesak Blessed are the Ones Who Stay 24:28  
9/9/15 Rev. Dr. Sharon Stanley-Rea Arrival Time! 23:30  
9/2/15 CTS President Matthew Myer Boulton The Greatest of these is Love 28:56  

Spring 2015
4/22/15 Carolyn Hampton  (Student)  The Sound 15:37  
4/8/15 Annettia Brooks-Rankin  (Student) Who's Got Next Now? 17:31  
3/25/15 Pastor Linda McCrae Embrace our Pain, Embrace our Loss 16:44  
3/19/15 Rev. Brent Wright  Truth-Telling in the Beloved Community 25:55  
3/12/15 Rev. Jeff Miner  Jesus Transcending Culture 19:30  
2/11/15 Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III  Do You Know Who You Are 19:29  
2/4/15 Rev. Dr. Gina Stewart  An Uncompromised Commitment 26:38  
1/28/15 Rev. Oscar Banks  You Think You Know 17:33  
1/21/15 CTS President Matthew Myer Boulton White Privelege 31:24  

Fall 2014
11/5/14 Daniel Parnell  (Student) Facing the Giants 17:08  
10/29/14 Tina Guynn  (Student) Nobody Greater 13:39  
9/24/14 Richie Sanchez (Student) Is the Lord Among Us 16:29  
9/10/14 Dr. Frank A. Thomas Can We Be Friends? 27:16  

Spring 2014
4/30/14 Professor Allan Boesak What Things? 29:12  
3/26/14 David Clifford (Student) Relationships 25:34  
2/12/14 Rev Monique Crain Spells I Ain't Got Long to Stay Here 9:21  
1/29/14 Dr. Frank A. Thomas Why Not Trust God Again 32:06  
1/19/14 Twana Harris The Nehemiah Complex 23:44