WAYfinding is about living faithfully beyond the belief box. A new model of “church” — we offer weekly group discussions and experiences, helping you discover a faith that works for you and is good for the world. Faith, for us, is about a way of being, not doctrines or creeds, and requires the collective wisdom of diverse voices. Website Link:

ServLife began with a college student and a dream to connect people globally to serve the poor and share the love of Jesus. Since 1992 we have remained true to this mission, propelling reconciliation and justice by building global community to plant churches, care for children and fight poverty. Website Link:

Love at Work is an international Christian ministry working with children and families living in urban slums of Costa Rica to break the cycle of poverty and help them reach their God-given potential. Just as Jesus’ life was shaped in a holistic way, we use a holistic approach that impacts lives mentally, physically, spiritually and socially. Website Link:

Purchased facilitates events to raise awareness and educate people about modern day slavery and inspire them to join the abolition movement. Purchased invests in youth through educational opportunities, empowering them to rise to the challenge to be allies against sexual exploitation. Purchased also collaborates with organizations to provide survivor support. Website Link:

  Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light (H-IPL) seeks to inspire and equip Hoosiers of faith to respond to climate change. Our mission is to call together Hoosiers of faith as stewards of creation in order to promote renewable energy and energy conservation and efficiency, as a faith response to climate change. We believe we must act now – both individually and collectively – to reduce our environmental impact and protect the world’s poor and powerless. Website Link: 
  Destiny Live Center for the Performing Arts is a comprehensive performing arts, music, dance, and related technical support training center for young people, pre-kindergarten through high school. While serving all types of students, we target at-risk youth.  Our learning opportunities and curriculum challenge students to expand their imaginations and enhance creative thinking with the goal of shaping students to be enthusiastic learners and problem solvers.  Website Link:

  Full Life Development is a community ministry in northern Thailand focused on addressing the physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs of individuals and communities. FLD works primarily at the Thai-Burma (Myanmar) border in northern Chiang Mai Provence, Thailand with minority groups from Shan state in Burma (Myanmar) who have fled poverty, forced relocation and violence to make a life in Thailand; some are stateless. FLD’s vision is to see these and other people experience abundant life through transformational community development.